10 Facts about Lewis Hamilton

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Let me show you the detail information about the top-notched British Formula One racing driver on Facts about Lewis Hamilton. He earns the title as the Formula One World Champion three times.  In the present day, he races for Mercedes AMG Petronas Team. Hamilton comes from England.  In his generation, Hamilton takes the title as the best driver in Formula 1. In 2008, Hamilton gained the first title with McLaren. Then he won the other two titles in 2014 and 2015 after moving with Mercedes.

Facts about Lewis Hamilton 1: Young Driver Support Programme

Hamilton was included in the Young Driver Support Programme after being signed by McLaren and Mercedes-Benz.

Facts about Lewis Hamilton

Facts about Lewis Hamilton

Facts about Lewis Hamilton 2: the development of his career

Hamilton was capable of developing his racing career after he showed his skill by becoming the winner for GP2 championships, Formula Three Euroseries and British Formula Renault.

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Facts about Lewis Hamilton 3: racing for McLaren

The Formula One debut of Hamilton was with McLaren in 2007. He was often called as the first black driver in Formula One due to his family background. His mother is white, while his father is black.

Facts about Lewis Hamilton 4: the first season

Various records had been made by Hamilton during the first season in Formula 1. He was just one point apart from the notable Formula One driver, Kimi Räikkönen in 2007 Formula One Championship. Hamilton was positioned at the second place.

Lewis Hamilton Images

Lewis Hamilton Images

Facts about Lewis Hamilton 5: winning the World Championship

In the next season, Hamilton appeared as the winner of the World Championship. In the history, he earns the title as the youngest Formula 1 world champion.

Facts about Lewis Hamilton 6: BBC Sports Personality of the Year

Hamilton earned the title as BBC Sports Personality of the Year after he won his second title in the World Championship in 2014.

Lewis Hamilton in 2007

Lewis Hamilton in 2007

Facts about Lewis Hamilton 7: the birthplace of Hamilton

The birthplace of Hamilton was located in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England. He is mixed race because his father is black British, while his mother is white British.

Facts about Lewis Hamilton 8: the parents

In 1950s, his parents left Grenada for United Kingdom. When Hamilton was two years old, his parents separated. Then Hamilton was raised by his mother. He began to live with his father at the age of 12.

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Facts about Lewis Hamilton 9: Nicolas

Nicolas is the half brother of Hamilton who has cerebral palsy. However, he is a professional racing driver.

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton

Facts about Lewis Hamilton 10: the manager

Antony Hamilton, the father of Lewis became his manager until March 2010.

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