10 Facts about Lichen

Post On: January 8, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Lichen talk about the composite organism living a symbiotic relationship with a fungus. When you look the physical shape of lichen, it reminds you with the shape of plants. However, they are not plants. Lichens have a number of forms, sizes and colors. The forms of lichens include the foliose one, which has flat leaves like structure, or even fruticose one, which has leafless branches. Some people also spot the crustose lichen, which have a peeling paint like surface.

Facts about Lichen 1: the microlichen and macrolichen

The leafy or bushy lichens are included as a macrolichens. Others are called microlichens. The growth form will determine whether the lichen is macro or micro, not the size of lichen.

Facts about Lichen

Facts about Lichen

Facts about Lichen 2: the common names of lichen

The word moss is often used to use as the common names of lichen like Iceland moss and Reindeer moss. Even though it contains the word moss, lichen is not moss.

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Facts about Lichen 3: the differences of lichen and moss

Lichen is different from plants because it cannot absorb nutrients and water due to the absence of roots. Lichen is not a parasite because it has the ability to produce food with the photosynthesis process.  Lichen lives on a plant as its substrate.

Facts about Lichen 4: where can you find lichens?

Lichens can be found in various areas in the world. It is discovered in the high alpine into the sea leveled area. They have the ability to grow in different kinds of surface.

Lichen Facts

Lichen Facts

Facts about Lichen 5: the surfaces

Lichen may live in lichen. You can also spot them spreading around the mosses, leaves and barks.

Facts about Lichen 6: the biological soil crust

Lichen is known a part of biological soil crust for it is found living on the soil surface, gravestones, walls and rocks.

Lichen Image

Lichen Image

Facts about Lichen 7: the extreme environment

The extreme environment in the world like the rocky coasts, hot dry desert and arctic tundra features the presence of lichen.

Facts about Lichen 8: lichen on earth

It is believed that lichen covers around 6 percent of Earth’s surface.

Facts about Lichen 9: Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park contains a vast rock, which features lichens.  The spectacular lichen is also spotted in various natural regions and forests.

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Lichen Pic

Lichen Pic

Facts about Lichen 10: the species of lichens

Lichens have at least 20,000 known species.  Talking about their life span, lichens can live longer.

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