10 Facts about Lies

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If you want to be informed with the statement believed by the individual to be false, check Facts about Lies. The term liar is used to call the person who lies. Lying is used to call the act of communicating lies. In most cases, lies are spread to deceive others. When people hear the word lie, it means negatively. When a person lies, he or she may serve sanction socially or even legally.  Here are other facts about lies to notice:

Facts about Lies 1: the consequences

The serious consequences are waiting for those who deliver the false information.



Facts about Lies 2: true and false statements

The lies can be differentiated from the true statements by using the reliable methods, which have been developed scientists.

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Facts about Lies 3: the alternative consequences

There are two alternative consequences of telling lies. The others may discover or not discover the truth upon the lies.

Facts about Lies 4: unpredictable behavior

The unpredictable behavior or state of mind of the liar or lie teller will be spotted when the lie is found out.



Facts about Lies 5: how to detect lies

The methods to detect lies have been developed. You can look at the movement, cadence of speech, facial expression and consistency to differentiate lies and truth.

Facts about Lies 6: the right questions

When you want to find out the truth, avoid using the vague questions. Asking the right question will lead into true answer of the speakers.



Facts about Lies 7: the polygraph lie detector machine

A machine to detect truth or lie is called the polygraph lie detector. When she or he lies, the spikes of stress are higher. Whether this machine is accurate or not is still a subject of dispute.

Facts about Lies 8: the study about lying

The study about lying states that it takes longer for a person to tell lies than that of the truth. A prepared lie may be conducted by a person if he or she has instant answer.

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Facts about Lies 9: the facial expression

The facial expression is used as the medium to find out lie in the ForensicPsy and the Psy7Faces developed by Dr. Freitas-Magalhaes.

Facts about Lies

Facts about Lies

Facts about Lies 10: the ability to notice deception

Based on the study of Dr. Paul Ekman and Dr. Maureen O’Sullivan, 50 of 20,000 people could notice deception with high level of accuracy.

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