10 Facts about Light Microscopes

Post On: January 19, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Light Microscopes explain the information about a tool used for magnifying the images of small samples. It is called as optical microscope. It employs a system of lenses and visible light. It was believed that it was invented in the seventeenth century. That is why it earns the status as the oldest microscope.  The design of light microscope may be simple or even complicated depending on its uses and constructions.  The improvement of sample contrast and resolution are spotted on the complex light microscope.

Facts about Light Microscopes 1: a micrograph

The normal light-sensitive camera can be used to capture an image from a light microscope. Then it will be used to produce a micrograph.

Light Microscopes Images

Light Microscopes Images

Facts about Light Microscopes 2: the digital images

It is possible to capture the digital images due to the development of CCD and CMOS. In the past, the photographic film was used to capture the images.

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Facts about Light Microscopes 3: the digital microscope

The image will be displayed on the computer screen if you use the digital microscope. Thus, you do not need to use any eyepieces to view the image.

Facts about Light Microscopes 4: the absence of visible light

The transmission electron microscopy and scanning electron microscopy are the two types of microscopes, which do not need any visible light.

Light Microscopes

Light Microscopes

Facts about Light Microscopes 5: the nanodimension

The light microscope was taken into the nanodimension due to the development of microscope by Stefan Hell, Eric Betzig and William Moerner. Thus, all of them were the recipients of Nobel Prize in Chemistry on 8th October 2014.

Facts about Light Microscopes 6: the types of light microscopes

The compound microscope and simple microscope are the two kinds of light microscopes.

Light Microscopes Facts

Light Microscopes Facts

Facts about Light Microscopes 7: a simple microscope

A magnifying glass is included as an example of a simple microscope. The magnification is conducted by using a single lens.

Facts about Light Microscopes 8: a compound microscope

The magnification of an object is improved by using several lenses of a compound microscope.

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Facts about Light Microscopes 9: the modern research microscopes

The compound microscope design is mostly found in the modern research microscopes. The single lens microscopes are found in some commercial digital microscopes sold in affordable price.

Facts about Light Microscopes

Facts about Light Microscopes

Facts about Light Microscopes 10: the variety of compound microscopes

The intended purposes, price and optical configurations determine the variety of light microscopes in the market.

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