10 Facts about Lil Boosie

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Facts about Lil Boosie present the information about the notable American rapper. Today he chooses Boosie Badazz as his professional name. His real name is Torrence Hatch. He was born on 14th November 1982. He comes from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. His family often calls him as Boosie. His family raised him in Southside Baton Rouge. During his music career, he had released various compilations, mixtapes and albums. Let us get other interesting facts about Boosie below:

Facts about Lil Boosie 1: the drug charges

After Boosie pleaded guilty for drug charges, he had to spend eight years at Louisiana State Penitentiary in 2009 until 2014.

Lil Boosie Album

Lil Boosie Album

Facts about Lil Boosie 2: changing the name

On 5th March 2014, Boosie completed his sentence. He decided to alter his name to Boosie Badazz from Lil’ Boosie on 20th October 2014.

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Facts about Lil Boosie 3: Boosie in the end of 1990s

In the end of 1990s, he was introduced to C-Loc, a Baton Rouge rapper by Young Bleed, his cousin. He became a member of Concentration Camp where both served as his mentor in 1996. At that time, Boosie was only 14. Therefore, he was the youngest member in the group.

Facts about Lil Boosie 4: the members of Concentration Camp

The members of Concentration Camp included Lucky Knuckles, Young Bleed, C-Loc, J-Von, Lee Tyme, Boo, and Happy Perez.

Facts about Lil Boosie

Facts about Lil Boosie

Facts about Lil Boosie 5: the debut of Boosie

In 2000, Boosie had his debut where he was a part of the third studio album of Concentration Camp entitled Camp III: Thug Brothers. The fifth album of C-Loc also featured Boosie.

Facts about Lil Boosie 6: the prime position

Boosie earned the prime position in the Concentration Camp after Young Bleed decided to leave the group. He became the faces of the group along with Max Minelli and C-Loc.

Lil Boosie

Lil Boosie

Facts about Lil Boosie 7: the debut album of Boosie

Boosie had his debut album released in the market when he was 17 years old. The title of the album was Youngest of da Camp. Donkey, Max Minelli and C-Loc were featured in the album. Meanwhile, Happy Perez was responsible for the production.

Facts about Lil Boosie 8: Boosie in 2006

He released a follow-up of Bad Ass Advance called Bad Ass Mixtape Vol. 1 in the beginning of 2006.

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Facts about Lil Boosie 9: a record label

Lil’ Boosie established as a record label called Bad Azz Entertainment. In 2015, the label was turned into Bad Azz Music Syndicate.

Lil Boosie Facts

Lil Boosie Facts

Facts about Lil Boosie 10: health

Boosie was diagnosed with kidney cancer and announced it into social media on 25 November 2015. However, the cancer had been removed with surgery.

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