10 Facts about Lincoln Castle

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Facts about Lincoln Castle will present the interesting information about a major castle located in Lincoln, England. It was built under the commission of William the Conqueror in the end of 11th century. The site used to establish the castle had been occupied by a Roman fortress.

Facts about Lincoln Castle 1: the features

The castle is unique. It features two mottes. There are only two castles in the nation, which have two mottes. The other one is a castle located at Lewes, Sussex.

Facts about Lincoln Castle

Facts about Lincoln Castle

Facts about Lincoln Castle 2: the function in modern period

In the modern period, Lincoln Castle serves as the law court and prison.

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Facts about Lincoln Castle 3: the public visitors

The public visitors are allowed to come to the castle and enjoy the museum. This castle is well preserved.

Facts about Lincoln Castle 4: the Norman castle

Lincoln Castle is a good example of Norman styled castle. The people may enjoy the magnificent view of the castle complex through the Norman walls.  The countryside area, the city skyline and beauty of the cathedrals are spotted from the top.

Lincoln Castle Facts

Lincoln Castle Facts

Facts about Lincoln Castle 5: who was William the Conqueror?

William the Conqueror was one of the important kings of England. He came to power after he defeated Harold Godwinson at the Battle of Hastings. However, the north of England still resisted his power as a king.

Facts about Lincoln Castle 6: construction of castle

William the Conqueror decided to construct a number of castles in York, Nottingham, Midlands of England and North England to show his power and influence.

Lincoln Castle Pic

Lincoln Castle Pic

Facts about Lincoln Castle 7: arriving in Lincoln

William had an idea to construct a new castle located on the remains of old Roman fortress after he arrived in Lincoln. The castle would benefit him since the city had a strategic location as the crossroads of various routes such as Fosse Way, Ermine Street, Lincolnshire Wolds, valley of the River Trent and River Witham.

Facts about Lincoln Castle 8: Domesday Survey

There were 48 castles in England recorded in the Domesday Survey of 1086. One castle was located in Lincoln.

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Facts about Lincoln Castle 9: as a center of attention

Lincoln Castle was a center of attention due to the First Battle of Lincoln. The battle was fought between Empress Matilda and King Stephen.

Lincoln Castle

Lincoln Castle

Facts about Lincoln Castle 10: the castle ground

The graves are located at the castle grounds. The people who buried here were executed for different crimes.

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