10 Facts about Lincoln Cathedral

Post On: January 28, 2017
By: Agustina

The seat of the Anglican Bishop in Lincoln, England is explained on Facts about Lincoln Cathedral. It is often called as St. Mary’s Cathedral or the Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Lincoln. In 1088, the building was commenced. In the medieval times, it was constructed in several phases. For almost 238 years, the cathedral was called as the tallest building in the world from 1311 until 1549. In 1549, the central spire broke down. The official had no intention to rebuild it.

Facts about Lincoln Cathedral 1: the floor area

Based on the floor area, it is called as the third largest one in the nation. It measured at 148 by 83 meter.

Facts about Lincoln Cathedral

Facts about Lincoln Cathedral

Facts about Lincoln Cathedral 2: the fist bishop of Lincoln

The first bishop of Lincoln who settled in the cathedral was Remigius de Fécamp.

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Facts about Lincoln Cathedral 3: the first Lincoln Cathedral

The first Lincoln Cathedral was built by Bishop Remigius. It was completed in 1092. The fire damaged the timber roofing in 1141.

Facts about Lincoln Cathedral 4: restoration and expansion

The expansion and restoration of Lincoln Cathedral took place under Bishop Alexander. 40 years later, the building was damaged due to the earthquake with the magnitude of 5.

Lincoln Cathedral Facts

Lincoln Cathedral Facts

Facts about Lincoln Cathedral 5: Hugh de Burgundy of Avalon

Hugh de Burgundy of Avalon, France was the next bishop appointed for the cathedral after the earthquake. The expansion program took place.

Facts about Lincoln Cathedral 6: the central nave

The Early English Gothic Style was spotted on the central nave of the cathedral. Then the building featured other the current advanced architectural designs such as ribbed vaulting, flying buttresses and pointed arches. Then the large windows were incorporated.

Lincoln Cathedral Image

Lincoln Cathedral Image

Facts about Lincoln Cathedral 7: the bells

Lincoln Cathedral has a number of bells. The north-west tower has two bells. The south-west tower has 13 bells.  The central tower has five bells.

Facts about Lincoln Cathedral 8: the large bell

Great Tom of Lincoln is considered as the large bell. In the beginning of 19th century, the bell was installed in the building.

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Facts about Lincoln Cathedral 9: the additional features in the late middle Ages

During the late middle Ages, the cathedral featured the matching Dean’s Eye and Bishop’s Eye.

Lincoln Cathedral Pic

Lincoln Cathedral Pic

Facts about Lincoln Cathedral 10: the collapse of the main tower

The main tower collapsed in 1237 due to the mistakes found in the tower’s support.

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