10 Facts about Lincoln Memorial

Post On: January 27, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Lincoln Memorial will talk about a national monument in United States dedicated for Abraham Lincoln. He is the 16th president of the nation. The location of the monument is across from the Washington Monument at the western edge of National Mall of Washington. Jules Guerin was the painter of the interior mural of the building. The Piccirilli Brothers were responsible for the carving of Lincoln statue. Daniel Chester French designed the primary statue of the president. Henry Bacon served as the architect of the building. Let us get other interesting ideas about Lincoln Memorial below:

Facts about Lincoln Memorial 1: the importance of Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial is not only important as a tourist attraction, but also as a symbol of race relation.

Lincoln Memorial Facts

Lincoln Memorial Facts

Facts about Lincoln Memorial 2: the most famous speeches

The two most famous speeches of Lincoln were seen in the memorial. Both are the speeches for his Second Inaugural Address and The Gettysburg Address.

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Facts about Lincoln Memorial 3: the design of the building

Lincoln Memorial Building was established to resemble a Greek Doric Temple where it features a big statue of the president.

Facts about Lincoln Memorial 4: the other notable speeches

Lincoln Memorial is also a home of other famous speeches. One of them is the “I have a dream” speech of Martin Luther King. King delivered the speech during the march for Jobs and freedom in Washington on 28 August 1963.

Facts about Lincoln Memorial

Facts about Lincoln Memorial

Facts about Lincoln Memorial 5: the administration

The administration of memorial is managed by National Park Service just like the other monuments within National Mall of Washington.

Facts about Lincoln Memorial 6: the opening hour

The opening hour of Lincoln Memorial is 24 hours per day. Therefore, you can come here day and night.

Lincoln Memorial Pic

Lincoln Memorial Pic

Facts about Lincoln Memorial 7: the visitors

Lincoln Memorial is a popular attraction for the people who come to Washington. It had been visited by at least 6 million people since 2010.

Facts about Lincoln Memorial 8: vandalism

Vandalism took place in Lincoln Memorial in September 1962 where the rear wall was painted with nigger lover words. Another vandalism act was conducted by Jiamei Tian who splashed green paint on the legs and base of the statue.

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Facts about Lincoln Memorial 9: the exterior

Lincoln Memorial’s exterior features the Colorado’s Yule Marble. It presents the Greek temple style.

Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

Facts about Lincoln Memorial 10: the measurement of the structure

Lincoln Memorial has the height of 30 meter and 57.8 by 36.1 meter.

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