10 Facts about Lincoln Peirce

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If you are interested to know the personal and professional life of an American cartoonist, check Facts about Lincoln Peirce. He is recognized as the creator of Big Nate comic strip. Talking about his early education, he went to Oyster River High School. He was raised in Durham, New Hampshire. He went to Maine for the college time. He studied at Colby College. The school newspaper hired him to create the Third Floor. It was a weekly comic strip. Check other interesting facts about Peirce below:

Facts about Lincoln Peirce 1: a graduate degree

Pierce also attended the Brooklyn College where he got a graduate degree.  He was also interested to study painting and sculpture at The Skowhegan School.

Big nate logo

Big nate logo

Facts about Lincoln Peirce 2:  the job

Pierce was hired at Xavier High School where he became a baseball coach and art teacher. The high school for boys was located in New York City.

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Facts about Lincoln Peirce 3: leaving the school

In 1992, he decided to leave New York City to relocate to Maine after becoming a teacher for three years. Then he began to write.

Facts about Lincoln Peirce 4: Big Nate

Big Nate is considered as the most renowned work of Pierce.  In 1991, this comic strip had its debut.

Lincoln Peirce

Lincoln Peirce

Facts about Lincoln Peirce 5: the popularity of Big Nate

Big Nate comic strip was very popular for it has been published in 200 newspapers in United States. The people who want to read the comic strip online may access Poptropica or GoComics.

Facts about Lincoln Peirce 6: the writing job

Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network also hire him to writer for shorts.

Lincoln Peirce Pic

Lincoln Peirce Pic

Facts about Lincoln Peirce 7: as a radio host

Do you know that Pierce also works as a local radio host on WMPG?  He is a big fan of classic country music.

Facts about Lincoln Peirce 8: Big Nate novel series

Big Nate comic strip is also transformed into Big Nate novel series due to its amazing popularity. The novel is enlisted at New York Times bestselling novel.  The novel was featured in various shows and newspapers such as the Washington Post and Good Morning America.

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Facts about Lincoln Peirce 9: the story about Big Nate

The Big Nate story is centered on the eccentric life of Nate Wright.

Lincoln Peirce

Lincoln Peirce

Facts about Lincoln Peirce 10: the novel series of Big Nate

Some titles of the novel series include Big Nate: In a Class by Himself, Big Nate Strikes Again and Big Nate Blasts Off.

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