10 Facts about Lincoln UK

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Get the interesting information about a cathedral city located in Lincolnshire, England on Facts about Lincoln UK. The 94,600 people lived in the Lincoln’s non-metropolitan district in 2012. The 130,200 people settled in the urban area of Lincoln in 2011. The history of Lincoln was dated back during the Iron Age Settlement where it grew into Lindum Colonia, a Roman Town.

Facts about Lincoln UK 1: the notable landmarks

Lincoln has a number of notable landmarks.  The Lincoln Castle is famous for it is an example of a Norman Castle established in 11th century. If you are interested to view the English Gothic architecture, you can go to Lincoln Cathedral.

Facts about Lincoln UK

Facts about Lincoln UK

Facts about Lincoln UK 2: education

There are two most important educational institutions in Lincoln. Both are Bishop Grosseteste University and University of Lincoln.

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Facts about Lincoln UK 3: the primary sources of economy

The industrial relics, tourism, commerce, arable farming, and public administration are considered as some sources of Lincoln’s economy.

Facts about Lincoln UK 4: the major employment sectors

The health, education and public administration are the primary employment sectors in Lincoln.

Lincoln UK Pic

Lincoln UK Pic

Facts about Lincoln UK 5: the strategic location

Lincoln has a strategic location in England.  There is no need to wonder that the center of Lincolnshire is located in the city. It gives people more facilities and jobs.

Facts about Lincoln UK 6: the national supermarkets

Lincoln is a home to seven large national supermarkets. They are Lidl, Aldi, Waitrose, Tesco, Sainsbury, Morrisons and Asda. It is easier for the locals to go shopping with various choices of supermarket.

Lincoln UK

Lincoln UK

Facts about Lincoln UK 7: tourism

Tourism is also flourished in Lincoln for it houses a number of historic buildings. You may spot a palace, castle and cathedral. One of the best places to visit is the Collection where it houses more than 2,000,000 objects.

Facts about Lincoln UK 8: the summer season

Many tourists like to visit Lincoln during the summer season due to it amazing climate.  The people also like to come during the yearly Christmas Market from the 1st Thursday until Sunday in December.

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Facts about Lincoln UK 9: other interesting attractions

Other interesting attractions in Lincoln include Hartsholme Country Park, Sir Joseph Banks Conservatory, Museum of Lincolnshire Life, and Whisby Nature Reserve.

Lincoln UK Images

Lincoln UK Images

Facts about Lincoln UK 10: the climate

Lincoln has mild winter season and cool summer season for it has maritime climate.

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