10 Facts about Linear Equations

Post On: February 1, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Linear Equations inform us with the algebraic equation. It may have a single variable. It should be written in the form of ax + b = 0 if it has one variable. It is considered as the simple equation. In this case, a ≠ 0.  The constants refer to a and b. The parameters, numbers, and non-linear functions of parameters may serve as the constants. Here are other interesting facts about linear equations:

Facts about Linear Equations 1: the variables

The simple equation may only have a single variable.  However, it may have more variables. The ax + by + cz + d = 0 is an example of linear equation which consists of three variables of x, y, and z. The non-zero is seen on the a, b, and c. The constants are seen on a, b, c, and d.


linear equation Pic

linear equation Pic

Facts about Linear Equations 2: the importance of linear equations

Most fields of mathematics and applied mathematics often used linear equations.

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Facts about Linear Equations 3: the invention

Sir William Rowan Hamilton was the inventor of linear equations in 1843. He was an Irish mathematician. He passed away in 1865.

Facts about Linear Equations 4: the contributions

Sir Hamilton gave great contribution in the field of mathematics with his algebraic theory and linear equation.

Facts about linear equations

Facts about linear equations

Facts about Linear Equations 5: what is linear algebra?

Linear equation has a closer relationship with linear algebra.  The latter one highlights the linear equation and relationship of variables.

Facts about Linear Equations 6: the topics in linear algebra

The study of subspaces, planes and lines are included in linear algebra.

Facts about Linear equation

Facts about Linear equation

Facts about Linear Equations 7: the non-linear equation

The non-linear equation is seen on the equations with exponents bigger than one.

Facts about Linear Equations 8: the graph

The graph will feature a straight line, which depicts the linear equation.  The form of linear equation is represented by ax + by = c.  The variables are the x and y. The coefficients or numbers are the a, b, and c.

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Facts about Linear Equations 9: the lines on the graph

When you want to make a straight line, which represents the linear equations on the graph, you need two points.

Linear equation

Linear equation

Facts about Linear Equations 10: the coordinates

The coordinates on the graph are represented by the presence of x and y in linear equation. Both serve as the variables.

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