10 Facts about Lino Printing

Post On: February 2, 2017
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Those who want to know more about the printmaking technique using linoleum, check Facts about Lino Printing. Have you ever heard about linoleum before? It is a kinds of woodcut mounted on a wooden block which creates a stylish surface. The tools used to cut the design attached to the linoleum surface include a gouge, V-shaped chisels and a sharp knife. Find out other useful information about Facts about Lino Printing below:

Facts about Lino Printing 1: the ink

The brayer is a term used to call a roller used for inking the linoleum sheet. Then it will be pressed on a fabric or paper.

Facts about Lino Printing

Facts about Lino Printing

Facts about Lino Printing 2: how to do lino printing

There are two major ways to do lino printing? You can employ a printing tool for easier lino printing process. If you are challenged, you can use hand.

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Facts about Lino Printing 3: floor covering

Do you know that linoleum has been used to cover the floor since 1860?  Today, this sheet is still popular to bring the unique and warm effect inside the house and other residential building.

Facts about Lino Printing 4: lino-printing technique

In 1905 until 1913, Die Brücke artists of Germany employed the lino printing method for the first time.  The lino printing and wallpaper printing employed the same method.

Lino Printing Facts

Lino Printing Facts

Facts about Lino Printing 5: the artistic effect

Linoleum is not a hard material to work with for the risk of having this material split is small. Moreover, there is no directorial grain on its surface.

Facts about Lino Printing 6: the weakness of linoleum

Even though it is easier to work with compared to other kinds of wooden sheets, the angular grainy look is less spotted.



Facts about Lino Printing 7: the larger work of art

If you are interested to create a larger work of art, it is better for you not to use lino.  The plate degrades due to the pressure from the printing process since it is more fragile in the heating process.

Facts about Lino Printing 8: colored linocut

It is possible to apply different colors on the linoleum by having each colored block on the woodcut.

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Facts about Lino Printing 9: the reductive print method

The reductive print method is used for those who want to get a single piece of linoleum with unique color.

Lino Printing

Lino Printing

Facts about Lino Printing 10: the popularity of linocut

Linocut is often employed during the printmaking art at schools so that the students may learn art.

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