10 Facts about Liquid Nitrogen

Post On: February 7, 2017
By: Agustina

The liquid, which has a tremendously low temperature, is elaborated on Facts about Liquid Nitrogen. It has the boiling point of -320 degrees F or -195.79 degrees C. It has the density of 0.807 gram per ml. The dielectric constant of liquid nitrogen is measured at 1.43. Zygmunt Wróblewski and Karol Olszewski were the Polish physicists who took the credit as the first ones who liquefied nitrogen. The experiment took place on April 15th, 1883 at Jagiellonian University. Get other interesting facts about liquid nitrogen below:

Facts about Liquid Nitrogen 1: the production of liquid nitrogen

The production of liquid nitrogen is by having the liquid distilled fractionally in the industries.

Facts about Liquid Nitrogen

Facts about Liquid Nitrogen

Facts about Liquid Nitrogen 2: the abbreviation

The UN number of liquid nitrogen is 1977. It is often abbreviated as LN, LIN or LN2.

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Facts about Liquid Nitrogen 3: liquefaction

After the process of liquefaction, the covalent N bonding of the N2 gas will be retained. That is why; this liquid has the character of a diatomic liquid.

Facts about Liquid Nitrogen 4: the rapid freezing

When a living tissue has a contact with liquid nitrogen, it will be frozen rapidly.

Liquid Nitrogen Facts

Liquid Nitrogen Facts

Facts about Liquid Nitrogen 5: the transportation and storage of liquid nitrogen

The vacuum flask is one way to store and transport liquid nitrogen. It should be well insulated.  It should have the constant temperature of 77 Kelvin.

Facts about Liquid Nitrogen 6: the holding time

The vacuum flask may be held for several hours to several weeks depending on the design and size.  The losses of the nitrogen can be decreased up to 2 percent per day by using the pressurized super-insulated vacuum vessels. Therefore, the liquid nitrogen can be stored and transported for longer period.

Liquid Nitrogen Pic

Liquid Nitrogen Pic

Facts about Liquid Nitrogen 7: how to decrease temperature

The temperature of liquid nitrogen can be decreased by having a vacuum pump used to pump it in a vacuum chamber. The temperature will reach -346 degrees F or -210 degrees C at the freezing point.

Facts about Liquid Nitrogen 8: the usage of liquid nitrogen in culinary

Fancy Ices was a recipe book by Mrs. Agnes Marshall published in 1890 which contained the usage of liquid nitrogen in culinary.

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Facts about Liquid Nitrogen 9: the present-day usage

Today, many restaurants in the world use liquid nitrogen for preparing the frozen foods like ice cream.

Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid Nitrogen

Facts about Liquid Nitrogen 10: the benefit of liquid nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen is very important in the frozen desert business for it is a rapid coolant.

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