10 Facts about Lisa Ann

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Facts about Lisa Ann will tell the readers about the former pornographic actress and American sports radio personality. Ann was born on 9th May 1972. Ann has various occupations. She is also known as a talent agent, feature dancer, and director. People began to notice her appearance in adult movies after she parodied Sarah Palin, a former governor of Alaska. Let us get other interesting facts about Lisa Ann below:

Facts about Lisa Ann 1: the birthplace of Ann

The birthplace of Ann was located in Easton, Pennsylvania. She grew up here.

Facts about Lisa Ann

Facts about Lisa Ann

Facts about Lisa Ann 2: the adult film industry

In 1994, Ann was introduced into the adult film industry. She was casted in Cinesex 2 for her first scene.

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Facts about Lisa Ann 3: Metro/Cal Vista

Metro/Cal Vista signed her during the first two years of career in the adult movies. Ann only shot once per month.

Facts about Lisa Ann 4: Ann in 1997

In 1997, Ann decided to leave the porn industry because she was afraid with AIDS. Therefore, she did stripping for the next seven years. During her hiatus from the adult movies, Ann also focused on her day spa for four years.

Lisa Ann Facts

Lisa Ann Facts

Facts about Lisa Ann 5: the performance in 2006

Suze Randall asked her to do a boy/girl photo shoot, which made her work in the film industry again in 2006. She was in Bra Bustin’ and Deep Thrustin by sharing screen with Christian XXX for her comeback.

Facts about Lisa Ann 6: the credit

Ann was not only a performer in the adult film industry. She also takes the credit for makeup, producer and director.

Lisa Ann

Lisa Ann

Facts about Lisa Ann 7: XRCO Awards

In April 2010, Ann was appointed to become the co-host during XRCO Awards.

Facts about Lisa Ann 8: retirement

Ann posted on her Facebook account that she will gave up performing in the adult film industry. In some occasions, Ann is still performing on the webcam shows. Since she wants to come back in the normal life, Ann decides to have breast reduction surgery.

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Facts about Lisa Ann 9: awards

Ann earned various awards as a performer. She won Best Cumback in 2007 XRCO.  During the 2009 AVN, she was awarded with MILF/Cougar Performer of the Year. She gained Best MILF Performer during 2011 Urban X. Her name was inducted at AVN Hall of Fame in 2009.

Lisa Ann Photo

Lisa Ann Photo

Facts about Lisa Ann 10: the directorial debut

Hung XXX was released by Justin Slayer International on 22nd September 2009. Do you know that the movie marks the directorial debut of Ann?

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