10 Facts about Lisa Leslie

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Facts about Lisa Leslie impress us with the details about the former American professional basketball player. Leslie was born on 7th July 1972. She took part in WNBA or Women’s National Basketball Association. She had impressive record during her career as a basketball player. She earned Olympic gold medal four times. Moreover, she took the title as the Most Valuable Player of WNBA three times. Let us get other interesting facts about Lisa Leslie below:

Facts about Lisa Leslie 1: retirement

In 2009, Leslie decided to retire from basketball. She was the player of Los Angeles Sparks for 11 seasons. Her early career was with University of Southern California.

Facts about Lisa Leslie 2: the fans

Leslie was included in the list of Top 15 Players in WNBA history by fans in 2011. Her name was inducted to Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 2015.

Facts about Lisa Leslie

Facts about Lisa Leslie

Facts about Lisa Leslie 3: parents

Her father was a semi-professional basketball player. His name is Walter Leslie. Her mother is Christine Lauren Leslie. She had to support the family after her husband left the family when she was four month pregnant with Lisa. To support her three kids, she had a truck driving business.

Facts about Lisa Leslie 4: sisters

Leslie is eight years older than Tiffany.  On the other hand, she is five years younger than Dionne is. Elgin is the brother of Leslie who becomes a basketball coach for Carondelet high school.

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Facts about Lisa Leslie 5:  playing basketball

When she was in middle school, Lisa participated in an all-boys basketball team. She had the record of 33-1 when playing for an all-girls team.

Lisa Leslie Facts

Lisa Leslie Facts

Facts about Lisa Leslie 6: the height

Lisa had the height of 6’1” when she attended in Californian middle school. However, she never participated any athletic sports.

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Facts about Lisa Leslie 7: the dream job

Lisa was aspired to become a weather reporter for TV. She began to involve in basketball after her classmate begged her to follow the team.

Facts about Lisa Leslie 8: basketball tryouts

The lefties and righties are the two groups, which divided the team members during the first basketball tryouts for layup drills. Actually, she was a lefty. However, most of the members were the righties. Thus, she learned to become a righty so that she should not stand in a line alone.

Lisa Leslie

Lisa Leslie

Facts about Lisa Leslie 9: recruiting letters

Many colleges wanted to recruit Lisa by sending college recruiting letters to her. In 1986, she attended Morningside High School in Inglewood, California.

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Facts about Lisa Leslie 10: college

In 1990 until 1994, she decided to join the University of Southern California for she wanted to get closer with her home.

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