10 Facts about Liszt

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Facts about Liszt tell the readers with the notable composer, music teacher and virtuoso pianist from Hungary. He was born on 22nd October 1811 as Franz Joseph Liszt and died on 31 July 1886. Liszt earned his fame in 19th century. He was also known as a Franciscan tertiary, arranger, author, organist, conductor and nationalist. People will never doubt the amazing skill of Liszt as a pianist. Let us get other interesting facts about Liszt in the below post:

Facts about Liszt 1: New German School

New German School and Liszt were inseparable for he was known as one of its representative as a composer.

Facts about Liszt

Facts about Liszt

Facts about Liszt 2: the relationship with other composers

Liszt had great relationship with other composers such as Alexander Borodin, Hector Berlioz, Frédéric Chopin, Mikhail Glinka, Camille Saint-Saëns, Robert Schumann and Joachim Raff for he became their benefactor, friend, and musical promoter.

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Facts about Liszt 3: the legacy

Liszt left his legacy of musical works to anticipate the new coming of trends and ideas in 20th century. His works were also influential for the musical contemporaries.

Facts about Liszt 4: the well-known contribution of music

In the field of music, he contributed to the development of thematic transformation concept and symphonic poem invention.

Liszt Facts

Liszt Facts

Facts about Liszt 5: the birthplace

The birthplace of Liszt was located in Doborjan, Sopron County in the Hungarian Kingdom of Austrian Empire. His father was Adam Liszt, while his mother was Anna Liszt. Do you know that his father was a guitarist, cellist, violinist and pianist?

Facts about Liszt 6: the early interest

The earlier musical interest of Liszt was developed after he listened to the piano playing of his father when he was six years old. He was interested to know more about the Romani and sacred music.

Liszt Pictures

Liszt Pictures

Facts about Liszt 7: learning piano

At the age of seven, Liszt began to learn piano from his father. When he was eight years, he started to made musical composition. When he was 9, Liszt made his appearance at Sopron and Pressburg for concerts. He was offered with musical education in Vienna after a group of rich people tried to sponsor him. Beethoven and Humme were the teachers of Liszt during his youth. Carl Czerny also became his mentor for piano lessons.

Facts about Liszt 8: the death of his father

Liszt decided to relocate to Paris after the death of his father in 1827.  In the morning until the late night, he worked by giving lessons of composition and piano to get money after he left touring.

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Facts about Liszt 9: falling down

On 2nd July 1881, Liszt was at a hotel in Weimar when he fell down.



Facts about Liszt 10: the manifested ailments

The manifested ailments included cataract, insomnia, asthma, dropsy and heart disease occurred after the falling accident. His death was contributed by heart disease.

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