10 Facts about Literacy

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Facts about Literacy will talk about the understanding related to the ability of writing, reading and using arithmetic. That is the traditional definition of literacy. The definition is expanded to the ability of using computers, numbers, images, language and communication in the modern sense. The developed countries in the world decide to expand their literacy concept so that the people may master the skills related to the ability to define the complex ideas, technologies and knowledge. Check other interesting facts about literacy below:

Facts about Literacy 1: the important keys in the literacy

Some important keys in the literacy that people should master include the ability to decode the written works, understand the spoken words and develop the reading mastery so that they will be able to understand a text deeply.

Facts about Literacy

Facts about Literacy

Facts about Literacy 2: the factors in a complex language

Language is complex. That is why; there are several factors in the reading developments that people should master such as the word meaning, speech sound, and pattern of word formation, grammar, and spelling patterns.

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Facts about Literacy 3: the first literacy application

The first literacy application could be traced back around 8,000 BCE. It was spotted in China, lowland Mesoamerica, Egypt and Mesopotamia.

Facts about Literacy 4: the written communication

The Sumer featured the first known form of written communication dated back in 3,500 to 3,000 BCE. The emergence of writing system in Mesopotamia was driven by the agricultural production and trade using the token markings.

Literacy Pictures

Literacy Pictures

Facts about Literacy 5: Egyptian hieroglyphs

The power among the elites was spotted in the Egypt by mastering the Egyptian hieroglyphs. The phonetic values were seen in the writing system.

Facts about Literacy 6: the writing system in Lowland Mesoamerica

The Olmec and Zapotec civilizations in lowland Mesoamerica began to use their writing system in 900 to 400 BCE. The notation system featured the bar and dot style.



Facts about Literacy 7: the writing system in China

The Shang dynasty in China, which flourished in 1200 BCE, developed their written system. The elites used the writing system to inscribe the received tributes, sacrifices, and bones.

Facts about Literacy 8: the first alphabet system

It was believed that the first alphabetic system was developed circa 750 BCE by the ancient Greeks according to the classical scholars.

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Facts about Literacy 9: another opinion

Another opinion of the scholars states that the consonantal alphabet was developed by the ancient Semitic-speaking people who lived in northern Canaan in 1500 BCE.

Literacy Image

Literacy Image

Facts about Literacy 10: the literacy rate in most countries

The literacy rate reaches 90 percent for the adults who live in most countries in the Pacific, East Asia, Caribbean and Latin America.

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