10 Facts about Literature

Post On: February 12, 2017
By: Agustina

A single body of written work is elaborated on Facts about Literature. The language used in the literature is very different from the one used during the daily life.  It is often well appreciated due to the intellectual and artistic value.  It was taken from a Latin word, which has the meaning of handwriting or letter.   The word literature was often used to call all written accounts. In the contemporary sense, the word literature is also used to call the sung or spoken text referred to the oral literature.

Facts about Literature 1: the classification

Literature has its own classification.  It might be divided into fiction or non-fiction ones.  Actually, literature has various categories.  It can be included as a drama, short story, poetry, novel or even prose. The genre is also involved here.

Facts about Literature

Facts about Literature

Facts about Literature 2: the changed concept

Over the years, the concept of literature is altered to meet the modern period.  In the past, it only included the written form. The non-written verbal form now is also included as a type of literature.

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Facts about Literature 3: the popularity of literature

Literature is very popular from time to time. Due to the development of printing technology, it can be distributed to all readers in the world. The peak of literature is seen from the usage of electronic literature.

Facts about Literature 4: a visual image

A calligram is defined as a poem where the written words are arranged to generate a unique visual image.

Literature Pictures

Literature Pictures

Facts about Literature 5: what is poetry?

Poetry is a unique form of literature due to the rhythmic and artistic values of language. The written words of poetry are arranged in verse. It is measured in lines.

Facts about Literature 6: what is prose?

Another type of literature is prose. It is different from poetry due to its absence from the rhythmic structure. It contains the natural speech and ordinary syntax. It is measured using sentences.



Facts about Literature 7: the examples of prose

Some examples of prose include novel, novella, and short stories.  The long fictional prose narrative is used to define novel.

Facts about Literature 8: what is novella?

The novella sits between the short story and novel. It is too long to become a short story. On the other hand, it is too short to include as a novel.

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Facts about Literature 9: what is drama?

A literature used for stage performance is called drama.

Literature Facts

Literature Facts

Facts about Literature 10: the features of drama

Drama will never complete if it does not feature dance and music. A musical theatre and opera are included as dramas.

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