10 Facts about Little John

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Facts about Little John inform the readers with the legendary fellow outlaw of Robin Hood.  Robin Hood altered his name to Little John. It was believed that he had been the second in command for the Merry Man. Moreover, he was the chief lieutenant of Robin Hood. Actually, the term little was considered as an irony for he was a big man. This warrior had the height of 7 feet. He was gigantic who had great skills of quarterstaff and bow. Let us check other interesting fast about Little John:

Facts about Little John 1: the appearance of Little John

The earliest recorded stories and ballads about Robin Hood featured Little John. He also appeared in the Robin Hood chronicle in 1420. The writer was Andrew of Wyntoun.  Another appearance was in 1440 in the chronicle reference of Walter Bower. However, not all of them had cited about the Merry Men.

Facts about Little John

Facts about Little John

Facts about Little John 2: the depiction of Little John

Little John was known as highly capable and intelligent man in the early tales of Robin Hood.

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Facts about Little John 3: A Gest of Robyn Hode

Little John appeared in A Gest of Robyn Hode. The sorrowful knight was captured by Little John. He accompanied Robin Hood as a servant when Hood wanted to pay the mortgage of the king for him.

Facts about Little John 4: Robin Hood’s Death

The only person in the Merry Men who came with Robin Hood was Little John in Robin Hood’s Death.

Little John Facts

Little John Facts

Facts about Little John 5: a dispute with Robin Hood

Little John had a dispute with Robin Hood in “Robin Hood and the Monk” where John left him in anger. The ballad was from the 15th century.

Facts about Little John 6: the plan for rescuing Robin Hood

Little John created a plan to rescue Robin Hood when he was captured. Little John was offered by Robin to become the leader of the band. However, he rejected the ideas.  Little John was described as a less cunning character in the latter stories.

Little John Grave

Little John Grave

Facts about Little John 7: a giant man

Little John was described as a giant man based on the ballad in 17th century. His height was at least 7 feet.

Facts about Little John 8: the introduction of Little John character

The introduction of Little John character was when he prevented Robin Hood from crossing a bridge.

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Facts about Little John 9: winning the duel

Little John was the winner when he had a duel with Robin Hood. However, he agreed to join Robin Hood’s band.

Little Pictures

Little Pictures

Facts about Little John 10: the duel

Various TV versions and movies always featured the duel scene between Little John and Robin Hood.

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