10 Facts about Live Aid

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Read the Facts about Live Aid if you want to know about a popular music event. On 13th July 1985, a dual venue concert was held under the banner of Live Aid. It was a fundraising event based on music. Bob Geldof and Midge Ur had the initiative to create the event. They were the original organizers of the event. The money collected from Live Aid would be used to recover the Ethiopian famine. Get other facts about Live Aid below:

Facts about Live Aid 1: the nickname of the event

Live Aid was often dubbed as the global jukebox. It was held in two different locations. One event was hosted in London, Great Britain at Wembley Stadium. There were 72,000 spectators in the event. The other event was hosted in Philadelphia, United States at Kennedy Stadium. Around 100,000 attended the Live Aid in US.

Facts about Live Aid

Facts about Live Aid

Facts about Live Aid 2: other concerts

Live Aid inspired other people to hold other concerts in the same day in West Germany, Soviet Union, Australia, Austria and Japan.

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Facts about Live Aid 3: the global audience

Do you know that the global audiences for Live Aid reached 1.9 billion spectators from the live broadcast? It was aired in 150 countries in the world.

Facts about Live Aid 4: as a follow up

Before Geldof and Ure organized Live Aid, they already had the successful “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” It was a charity single, which led into the initiative of Live Aid Concert in 1985.

Live Aid

Live Aid

Facts about Live Aid 5: the famine in Ethiopia

The famine in Ethiopia touched the heart of the people. The images of million Ethiopian people starving to death were aired in BBC News reports in October 1984.

Facts about Live Aid 6: Bob Geldof

After seeing the report, Bob Geldof called Midge Ure from Ultravox. Both decided to create “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” They hoped that the song would raise donation for the people in Ethiopia.

live Aid concert

live Aid concert

Facts about Live Aid 7: the final night

On 22nd December 1984, the concert had its final night at Wembley. Other people involved in the organization of Live Aid included Bill Graham and Harvey Goldsmith.

Facts about Live Aid 8: John F. Kennedy Stadium

John F. Kennedy Stadium was kept for the concert because an inventor of instant replay, Tony Verna had great relation with Philadelphia Mayor Goode.

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Facts about Live Aid 9: the beginning of the concert

The concert at Wembley Stadium took place at 12:00 British Summer Time. Then it was continued with the concert located in JFK stadium in US at 13:51 BST.

Live Aid Facts

Live Aid Facts

Facts about Live Aid 10: the end of the concert

The concert of Live Aid ended at 13:51 BST at JFK. It ended at 22:00 BST in United Kingdom.

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