10 Facts about Liver Cancer

Post On: February 20, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Liver Cancer inform us about a cancer originated from the liver. It is often called as hepatic cancer. The common one is the liver metastasis, which spreads to the liver from somewhere else in the body. It has a number of symptoms such as weakness, weight loss, easy bruising, yellowish skin, swelling on the abdomen, and pain below the rib cage. Get other interesting facts about liver cancer below:

Facts about Liver Cancer 1: the causes

There are three primary causes of liver cancer. They are the excessive drinking of alcohol, hepatitis C and hepatitis B.

Facts about Liver Cancer

Facts about Liver Cancer

Facts about Liver Cancer 2: other causes of liver cancer

The liver flukes, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and aflatoxin are the other causes of liver cancer.

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Facts about Liver Cancer 3: the most common types of liver cancer

More than 80 percent of liver cancer cases are hepatocellular carcinoma. The other major one is the cholangiocarcinoma.

Facts about Liver Cancer 4: the less common liver cases

Can you mention the less common liver cancer cases? They include intraductal papillary biliary neoplasm and mucinous cystic neoplasm.

Liver Cancer Facts

Liver Cancer Facts

Facts about Liver Cancer 5: how to diagnose liver cancer

A number of ways have been developed in the medical world to diagnose liver cancer. They include the medical imaging and blood test. The tissue biopsy is also conducted for confirmation.

Facts about Liver Cancer 6: how to prevent and treat liver cancer

The immunization against hepatitis should be performed as the preventive method toward liver cancer. The person who has been infected with hepatitis B or C should be well treated. Those who have chronic liver disease should do screening.  The radiation therapy, targeted therapy and surgery are some options available for treating liver cancer.  The liver transplantation, embolization therapy and ablation therapy may be performed in some cases of liver cancer.

Liver Cancer

Liver Cancer

Facts about Liver Cancer 7: the frequency

Liver cancer has 6 percent of the global cases of cancer in the world. It earns the second place as the leading cause of death because of cancer.

Facts about Liver Cancer 8: the people with liver cancer

There were 782,000 people diagnosed with liver cancer in 2012.

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Facts about Liver Cancer 9: the death number

Liver cancer related to alcohol resulted the death of 92,000 people. The hepatitis C caused the death of 343,000 people, while hepatitis B caused the death of 300,000 people.

Liver Cancer Image

Liver Cancer Image

Facts about Liver Cancer 10: the higher rate of liver cancer

The higher rate of liver cancer is spotted in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia where hepatitis B and C are prevalent.

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