10 Facts about Liza Koshy

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Facts about Liza Koshy will talk about an American YouTube personality. She was born on 31st March 1996. Her full name is Elizabeth Koshy. She is also known as an actress and social media celebrity. Due to her comedic videos on Vine, she earned more than five million fans. On YouTube, Koshy has at least 7 million subscribers.  Her Instagram account has more than 9 million followers. She has at least 650,000 fans in musical.ly. Let us check other interesting facts about Liza Koshy below:

Facts about Liza Koshy 1: an award

During the Streamy Awards in 2015, Koshy earned the title as the Breakout Creator.

Facts about Liza Koshy

Facts about Liza Koshy

Facts about Liza Koshy 2: the birthplace and parents

Her mother has the non-Hispanic white heritage, while her father was an Indian. She was born in Houston, Texas.

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Facts about Liza Koshy 3: the early education

Koshy speaks Spanish fluently because she was educated in a dual language program from kindergarten until her fifth grade.

Facts about Liza Koshy 4: a dancer

Do you know the life of Koshy when she was in high school? She was appointed in the dance team as a captain.

Liza Koshy Facts

Liza Koshy Facts

Facts about Liza Koshy 5: graduation

She graduated from Lamar High School in 2014. It was a year after she created her Vine.

Facts about Liza Koshy 6: Vine

Vine is a social networking application, which makes her famous. In this application, she amazed the people with comedic videos. Her friends introduced the app Vine to her for they are active users.

Liza Koshy Pic

Liza Koshy Pic

Facts about Liza Koshy 7: what is the first vine of Koshy?

If you are a fan of Koshy, do you know her first vine?  In her first vine, you will see how Koshy and her friends were playing with one of her friend’s car.  Her vines were viral.

Facts about Liza Koshy 8: the fan base of Koshy

The fan base of Koshy is growing. At first, she is only a vine star. Now she becomes a YouTube star with her prominent videos.

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Facts about Liza Koshy 9: YouTube channel

Koshy uploaded the first video on YouTube channel on 8th July 2015. The random videos of Koshy were uploaded in Liza Koshy Too. It was the second channel of Koshy that she created in 2016.

Liza Koshy

Liza Koshy

Facts about Liza Koshy 10: acting

As I have stated before, Koshy is also an actress. Freakish marked her debut in acting.

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