10 Facts about Lloyd George

Post On: February 23, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Lloyd George impress the readers with the notable British liberal politician and statesman. He was born on January 17th, 1863 and died on March 26th, 1945. He was known as the first Earl Lloyd-George of Dwyfor. In 1908 until 1915, he served as the Chancellor of the Exchequer.  A number of foundations of modern welfare state were introduced by George. He is always known as the leading figure in the reforms. Let us get other interesting facts about George below:

Facts about Lloyd George 1: the significant role

In 1916 until 1922, George was entitled as Prime Minister of Wartime Coalition, which signified his important role.

David Lloyd George 1911

David Lloyd George 1911

Facts about Lloyd George 2: Paris Peace Conference

A major figure in Paris Peace Conference in 1919 was George. The Central Powers were defeated in the First World War. That is why Europe should be reordered.

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Facts about Lloyd George 3: the public life in Britain

The social welfare system in Great Britain such as old-age pensions, unemployment insurance, and medical insurance was introduced by him. There is no need to wonder that he is one of the leading figures in 20th century.

Facts about Lloyd George 4: the foreign affairs

George also contributed in the foreign affairs. He played an important part to win the World War 1.


David Lloyd George Signature

David Lloyd George Signature

Facts about Lloyd George 5: the contribution

He was capable of keeping Northern Ireland to stay within Great Britain, while he gave independence for Ireland. During the peace conference of World War 1, he rewrote the map of Europe.

Facts about Lloyd George 6: the political problem

Even though George gave great impact to the national and international affairs, he had to deal with his political barrier. He was not considered as a loyal person to his Liberal Party.

Facts about David Lloyd George

Facts about David Lloyd George

Facts about Lloyd George 7: in 1918 elections

In 1918 elections, he preferred the conservatives for the coalition while he was still Prime Minister. Consequently, Liberal party became minorities.

Facts about Lloyd George 8: as a leader of Liberal Party

In the end of 1920s, George was appointed as the leader of Liberal Party.

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Facts about Lloyd George 9: opposition to Boer War

In 1899, George traveled to Canada. He was amazed by the journey. He displayed the opposition of having the Second Boer War, which made him gain the national fame in Great Britain.

David Lloyd George 1902

David Lloyd George 1902

Facts about Lloyd George 10: opposition to Education Act of 1902

George also opposed the Education Act of 1902, which earned him positive reputation among the public people. He said that fund should only be given for the Church of England schools if the buildings of those schools were in good repair.

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