10 Facts about LMFAO

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Facts about LMFAO talk about the notable American electronic dance music duo. The members are SkyBlu and Redfoo. The latter one is the uncle, while the former one is the nephew. They are considered as the descendant of Berry Gordy, Jr who served as the founder of Motown Record. LMFAO stands for “laughing my fucking ass off”. Check the complete information about LMFAO below:

Facts about LMFAO 1: the early life of LMFAO members

Pacific Palisades in Los Angeles was the place where the members of LMFAO spent their early life. In 2006, LMFAO was formed there which participated in the electro house music style.

Facts about LMFAO

Facts about LMFAO

Facts about LMFAO 2:the local fame

During the early career, LMFAO gained the local attention from the radio play and shows.

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Facts about LMFAO 3: “Gettin’ Over You”

“Gettin’ Over You” is the smash hit of David Guetta, which featured LMFAO in 2010. The single was well received for it sat at the music charts in United States and Europe.  In UK Single Chart, it earned No. 1.

Facts about LMFAO 4: the notable song of LMFAO

Can you mention the notable song of LMFAO? It must be “Party Rock Anthem”. It earned  No.1 in various music charts in France, United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada, Belgium, Australia, Switzerland, Ireland, Germany and Denmark.



Facts about LMFAO 5: the top five

In Norway and Italy, the song was included in the top five of music chart.

Facts about LMFAO 6: the sales

The sale of “Party Rock Anthem” was not disappointing for it was sold 9.7 million copies globally. In 2011, it took the title as the third best-selling digital single.



Facts about LMFAO 7: a hiatus

An official statement had been made by LMFAO following the success of their single that the group would be in a hiatus.

Facts about LMFAO 8: the greatest influences

The two greatest influences of the group cited according to the statement of Redfoo were Madonna and Michael Jackson. The Black Eyed Peas, Snoop Dogg, Tupac Shakur, the Wu-Tang Clan, Run D.M.C., The Beatles, James Brown and Led Zeppelin were the other artists who influenced LMFAO.

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Facts about LMFAO 9:the business interest

Redfoo participated in Mad Money, a business television of CNBC for he is a former day trader.

Facts about LMFAO 10:the full album

On 7th July 2009, LMFAO released their first full album. on 1st July 2008, Party Rock EP was released on iTunes music store.

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