10 Facts about Loam

Post On: February 25, 2017
By: Agustina

The solid composed of sand, silt and clay is explained on Facts about Loam. The concentration of sand, silt and clay is around 40 percent, 40 percent and 20 percent respectively. Clay has the lower concentration. However, the proportion of sand, silt and clay is usually varied depending on the types of loam. Check other interesting facts about loam below:

Facts about Loam 1: the types of loam

The types of loam are determined by the proportion of sand, silt and clay. The sandy loam means that sand has the higher concentration in the proportion. Other types of loam include the silty clay loam, sandy clay loam, clay loam, and silty loam.

Loam Facts

Loam Facts

Facts about Loam 2: the classification of loam

Loam is a term used to call the only soil, which is not dominated, by sand, silt or clay according to the USDA textural classification triangle.

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Facts about Loam 3: the differences of loam and sandy soils

Loam is more preferable than sandy soil because it has high level of humus, moisture and nutrients.

Facts about Loam 4: the differences of loam with clay and silty soil

Compared to the clay soil, loam is easier to till. It has better infiltration of air, water, and drainage than the silty soil.

Loam Layer

Loam Layer

Facts about Loam 5: the food production

You will get ideal condition if loam is mixed with a small amount of organic material. It will be perfect to use for food production.

Facts about Loam 6: the weight and texture

Loam has good texture, which retains the water and nutrients. The weight of the mineral in the soil should be on the proportion of 40 percent sand, 40 percent silt and 20 percent clay.

Loam Texture

Loam Texture

Facts about Loam 7: the construction

Loam has been used by the people since the ancient time to create brick. The brick usually contains of loam, water, sand and mud. The straw or rice husks are used as the binding material.

Facts about Loam 8: the importance of loam

Loam earns great importance in the agricultural sector and gardening. There is no need to wonder that the regions with high level of loam soil have great farms.

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Facts about Loam 9: the usage of loam for house construction

Loam is used to create beam and post for a house. The air humidity in a house is also controlled by having a layer of loam on the wall.

Facts about Loam

Facts about Loam

Facts about Loam 10: the wall

The wall can be created from the mixture of loam and straw.

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