10 Facts about Lodestone

Post On: February 28, 2017
By: Agustina

The naturally magnetized piece is elaborated on Facts about Lodestone. Loadstone can be found in the mineral magnetite. When the iron is located near lodestone, it will be attracted. The magnetism of lodestone had been discovered since the antiquity. The early navigation system developed due to the magnetic properties found on the lodestone. Get other facts about lodestone below:

Facts about Lodestone 1: the term lodestone

The term lodestone has two notable meanings. It may means leading stone or course stone according to Middle English. The name is selected for it guided the early navigation system. The term lode is often defined as way or journey.

Facts about Lodestone

Facts about Lodestone

Facts about Lodestone 2: the hardness measurement

The hardness measurement of lodestone according to Mohs scale is around 5.5 to 6.5

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Facts about Lodestone 3: the color

Lodestone has the brownish-black color, a black streak and metallic luster. You can also find the pure black lodestone.

Facts about Lodestone 4: lodestone in geology

Geology is the study, which questions a lot about the process of lodestone’s creation and development on earth. Another question is related to how lodestone is magnetized. The theory believes that the strong magnetic field located around lightning bolts magnetized lodestone.

Lodestone Facts

Lodestone Facts

Facts about Lodestone 5: the number of lodestone

Lodestone is not abundant on earth. The natural lodestone on earth is only in a small amount.

Facts about Lodestone 6: the ordinary magnetite and lodestone

Lodestone is a special magnetite. The ordinary magnetite cannot retain the magnetism for longer time even though it may attract steel and iron. Lodestone is considered as a permanent magnet because it has sufficient coercivity.



Facts about Lodestone 7: the impurity metal ions

Lodestone may feature the impurity metal ions of manganese, aluminum and titanium. When lodestone is examined microscopically, it has Fe3O4 magnetite.

Facts about Lodestone 8: where to find lodestone

Lodestone is not found at great depth of earth. Most of the pieces are discovered near the earth’s surface.

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Facts about Lodestone 9: the brief history

Thales of Miletus was the Greek philosopher who first referred the magnetic properties of lodestone in the sixth century. The attraction of lodestone to other lodestone and iron was discovered by ancient Greeks. Book of the Devil Valley Master cited the first reference of magnetism in China in 4th century BC.

Galileo Lodestone

Galileo Lodestone

Facts about Lodestone 10: the Olmec

It was believed that the Olmec had used lodestone for more than a thousand years before Chinese discovered it according to an astronomer named John Carlson after he discovered an Olmec artifact.

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