10 Facts about Logging

Post On: March 1, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Logging will inform the readers with an important process in forestry. The term logging is defined as process used to transport the logs to the lumberyard or sawmill from the forests. In broader sense, the process of cutting, processing and transporting logs is included as logging. People are familiar with the term illegal logging conducted by the timber mafia who steal the logs in the forests for their self-interest. When a person does illegal logging, they violate the laws. The acts included as illegal logging are selling, purchasing, transporting and harvesting the logs without permission. Let us get other useful information about logging below:

Facts about Logging 1: dangerous occupation

One of the dangerous occupations in the world is related to the logging industry. The report in 2008 stated that 93 deaths occurred on the 86,000 workers employed in logging industries.

Facts about Logging

Facts about Logging

Facts about Logging 2: the fatality rate

The fatality rate of logging occupation is 108.1 deaths for every 100,000 workers in the logging industries in 2008.

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Facts about Logging 3: the jobs of loggers

Being a logger is not easy as you might think. They have to use the heavy equipment and dangerous tools during the logging process. Moreover, they have to move the heavy weight of logs.  The site of logging usually occurs in unstable and steep landscape.

Facts about Logging 4: the environmental condition

The high level of cold and heat is very common to face by the logger due to the severe environment.

Logging Facts

Logging Facts

Facts about Logging 5: accident

The location of logging usually is in the remote area. Where a logger is involved in an accident, the professional emergency treatment is located far away.

Facts about Logging 6: logging in Madagascar

The rosewood logging in Madagascar’s national park became a public attention in 2009.

Logging Pastime

Logging Pastime

Facts about Logging 7: the controversy of logging in Madagascar

The rosewood logging in Madagascar became a controversy after it was associated with the criminal syndicates.

Facts about Logging 8: the transportation of rosewood

The illegal rosewood from Madagascar would be processed in China to created furniture and finished wood after it was laundered via Mauritius and Reunion. The furniture will be shipped to US and Europe.

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Facts about Logging 9: Gibson Guitar Corporation in Nashville

The federal authorities raid Gibson Guitar Corporation in Nashville in November 2009 related to their alleged involvement in the process.



Facts about Logging 10: the case settlement

On 6th August 2012, the settlement of Gibson case was made. The company had to pay a $50,000 community payment and a $300,000 fine.

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