10 Facts about Loire Valley

Post On: March 1, 2017
By: Agustina

The valley located in Centre-Val de Loire in central France is explained on Facts about Loire Valley. It stretches at the middle part of Loire River. In French, the valley is called Vallee de la Loire. It has the length of 170 miles or 280 km. It covers the areas of 310 square miles or 800 sq km.  The valley is famous in France due to its amazing asparagus fields, fruit orchards, vineyard and artichoke. There is no need to wonder that Loire Valley is called as the Garden of France. It also earns the title as the Cradle of French. Check other fabulous facts about Loire Valley below:

Facts about Loire Valley 1: the fame of Loire Valley

Loire Valley is famous not only in France, but also in many parts of the world due to the wine production, architecture and historic towns.

Facts about Loire Valley

Facts about Loire Valley

Facts about Loire Valley 2: the settlement in Loire Valley

The settlement in Loire Valley was traced back in Middle Paleolithic Era.

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Facts about Loire Valley 3: the World Heritage status

The World Heritage status of Loire Valley was awarded by UNESCO in 2000.

Facts about Loire Valley 4: the historic towns

As I have stated before, some historic towns are included in Loire Valley. They are Tours, Saumur, Orleans, Chinon, Amboise, Blois and Angers.

Loire valley france

Loire valley france

Facts about Loire Valley 5: the climate

You can visit Loire Valley anytime you want because it has amazing climate throughout the year. The location of Loire Valley sits in the middle of the southern and northern climate. The temperature is increased a few degrees due to the presence of the nearby river along the valley. It affects the valley’s mesoclimate.

Facts about Loire Valley 6:  the seasons

During the summer season, Loire Valley has hot climate. The rainy season is spotted during the wine harvest months. The springtime is cool.

Loire Valley

Loire Valley

Facts about Loire Valley 7: the wine production

One of the best wine productions in France is located in Loire Valley. The wines from the region have special crisp, fresh and fruity flavors.

Facts about Loire Valley 8: the architecture

Loire Valley is the home of a number of historic towns which some notable architectural buildings such as Château de Villandry, Château de Chambord, Château d’Amboise, and Château d’Ussé.

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Facts about Loire Valley 9: the number of chateau

The number of chateau owned by Loire Valley is over 300 chateaus.

Loire Valley Facts

Loire Valley Facts

Facts about Loire Valley 10: the design of châteaux

The churches usually are featured on the grounds of châteaux.

Are you fascinated reading afar reading facts about Loire Valley?