10 Facts about Loki

Post On: March 2, 2017
By: Agustina

Are you a fan of Norse mythology? Loki is one of the important figures. He is the brother of Helblindi and Býleistr. Fárbauti and Laufey are the parents of Loki. The view toward Loki is various. In some cases, he has malicious behavior toward the gods. However, Loki is also depicted helping the gods. The different sources about Loki present depiction. Loki may be seen in the form of a fly, a mare, and a salmon. He also has the form of Þökk, an old woman. Let us get other interesting facts about Loki below:

Facts about Loki 1: the relation with gods

Loki’s relation with gods ends up badly due to the death of god Baldr.

Loki Figure

Loki Figure

Facts about Loki 2: Loki in pain

Loki is in pain when a serpent is located above him while he is bound. His pain leads into the presence of earthquakes.

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Facts about Loki 3: fighting the gods

Loki fights the gods after he escaped from the bonds. When he meets the god Heimdallr, both of them are in fight.

Facts about Loki 4: the reference about Loki

The reference about Loki is seen in Poetic Edda. It was taken from various traditional sources in 13th century.

Loki Image

Loki Image

Facts about Loki 5: the traditional sources about Loki

The traditional sources about Loki are taken from the Scandinavian folklore, poetry of skalds, Norwegian Rune Poems, and Prose Edda and Heimskringla.

Facts about Loki 6: the depiction of Loki

The depiction of Loki is seen at the Gosforth Cross, Kirkby Stephen Stone and Snaptun Stone.

Facts about Loki

Facts about Loki

Facts about Loki 7: the description of Loki in Norse Mythology

Loki is often described as a trickster god according to the Norse mythology. However, the scholars have debated about Loki’s role and description.

Facts about Loki 8: modern popular culture

The description of Loki in modern popular culture is varied. He is often depicted as having odd character with different manners in 19th century.

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Facts about Loki 9: the conception of Loki

In 19th century, Loki has different conceptions. Among the Nordic Aesir, he is depicted with dark hair tone. Another depiction of Loki is defined as a Nordic Prometheus.



Facts about Loki 10: Ring of the Nibelung

The presence of Loki in popular culture is as Loge in Ring of the Nibelung. It is the opera cycle of Richard Wagner.

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