10 Facts about Lone Pine

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Facts about Lone Pine impress us with the details about a CPD in Inyo County, California. CDP stands for census designated place. According to the 2010 census, it was a home for 2,035 people. In 2000 census, only 1,655 people lived here.  Lone Pine sits at the height of 1136 meter or 3727 feet. Lone Pine is often called as frontier by the Census Bureau. It sits at the Owens Valley. Here are other interesting facts about Lone Pine:

Facts about Lone Pine 1: the standby emergency service

The standby emergency service is provided by Southern Inyo Hospital. It is the local hospital in Lone Pine.

Lone Pine facts

Lone Pine facts

Facts about Lone Pine 2: earthquake

Most parts of the town were destroyed during the earthquake, which took place on 26th March 1872. It was a home for 250 to 300 people. 27 of them were killed during the earthquake.

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Facts about Lone Pine 3: climate

The high desert climate is perceived in Lone Pine. The winter is cold, while the summer is hot. The temperature in July is around 60 to 90. In January, it has the average temperature from 20 to 50.

Facts about Lone Pine 4: the precipitation level

The precipitation level in Lone Pine is not more than 152 mm or 6 inches. The average annual snowfall is around 5 inches.

Lone Pine

Lone Pine

Facts about Lone Pine 5: the population density

The population density in Lone Pine is 40.9 residents per km square or 105.9 residents per sq mi.

Facts about Lone Pine 6: the racial makeup

The residents of Lone Pine are made up for 65.6 percent white people. The Black people are accounted for 0.3 percent. The Native Americans are 10.1 percent.

Lone Pine image

Lone Pine image

Facts about Lone Pine 7: the local economy

Tourism is considered as the major sector of economy in Lone Pine. The main road heading to the town features various motels. The famous tourist attractions include Yosemite National Park, Sequoia National Park, Mount Whitney, Death Valley National Park, Mammoth Mountain, and Kings Canyon National Park.

Facts about Lone Pine 8: Manzanar National Historic Site

If you want to know the Japanese American internment camp during the Second World War, you can visit Manzanar National Historic Site.

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Facts about Lone Pine 9: Lone Pine Film History Museum

Beverly and Jim Rogers support the establishment of Beverly and Jim Rogers. Lone Pine is considered as popular filming location in some Hollywood movies.

Facts about Lone Pine

Facts about Lone Pine

Facts about Lone Pine 10: the western themed movies

The western themed movies are often filmed at the Alabama Hills located west of Lone Pine.

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