10 Facts about Long Beach

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Facts about Long Beach talk about the seventh most populous city in California. It is the home for 462,257 people based on the report in 2010. The location of Long Beach is on the Pacific Coast of US. In Los Angeles metropolitan area, it is called as the second largest city. One of the largest shipping ports in the world is located in Port of Long Beach. Let us get other interesting facts about Long Beach below:

Facts about Long Beach 1: the manufacturing sectors

The electronic equipment, automotive parts, aircrafts, home furnishings, precision metals, petrochemicals and audiovisual equipment are some manufacturing sectors in Long Beach. The oil industry is declined.

facts about Long Beach

facts about Long Beach

Facts about Long Beach 2: the climate

It has the strong semi arid climate. The reporting location will determine the type of climate in Long Beach.

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Facts about Long Beach 3: the weather and temperature

Compared to other immediate coast, the temperature in Long Beach is higher according to the recorded temperature in the weather station of Long Beach Airport. It has sunny days.

Facts about Long Beach 4: the rainfalls

During the winter months, Long Beach is affected by the rainfalls just like other regions in Southern California.

Long Beach pic

Long Beach pic

Facts about Long Beach 5: the air pollution

The major environmental problem in Long Beach is related to the air pollution. The source of pollution is from the ports of Long Beach and Long Angeles. The ships, trailer trucks, and drayage trucks from the ports bring the air pollution.

Facts about Long Beach 6: the native plants

The native plants in Long Beach include Quercus agrifolia, California sagebrush, California buckwheat, and California poppy.

Long Beach

Long Beach

Facts about Long Beach 7: the top employers

Denso, California State University, College Medical Center, Laserfiche, Gulfstream Aerospace, the Queen Mary, Epson and Long Beach Transit are some of the top employers in Long Beach.

Facts about Long Beach 8: Long Beach Museum of Art

The Long Beach Museum of Art Foundation is the operator of Long Beach Museum of Art. The City of Long Beach is the owner of the museum.

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Facts about Long Beach 9: the street art

When you visit Long Beach, do not forget to check the street art. The largest mural is found on the exterior of Long Beach Sports Arena.

Long Beach image

Long Beach image

Facts about Long Beach 10: the music festival

Various music festivals are held in Long Beach. In May, the Cajun & Zydeco Festival is held. If you come here in February, look at Bob Marley Reggae Festival. Other music festivals are Long Beach Blues Festival, the Aloha Concert Jam and the El Dia De San Juan Puerto Rican Festival.

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