10 Facts about Longboards

Post On: March 6, 2017
By: Agustina
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The following Facts about Longboards will tell the readers about a type of sport equipment.  It reminds you with skateboard. However, longboard is always longer. The sport players will use longboard for transport, long distance racing, sliding, downhill racing, cruising, slalom racing and dancing for it is faster due to the presence of wheel sizes. Let us get more interesting information about longboard below:

Facts about Longboards 1: the measurement

The width of longboard is measured around 9 to 10 inches or 22.8 to 25.4 cm. The length is around 33 to 39 inches or 84 to 150 cm.

Facts about Longboards

Facts about Longboards

Facts about Longboards 2: the shapes

The shapes of longboard are varied. You may choose the drop decks, pintails, flat-nose riders, swallowtails, boards, and drop-through decks.

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Facts about Longboards 3: the shape and function

If you are interested to purchase a longboard, make sure that you have realized the function. If you want to get closer to the ground when using a longboard, choose the drop through or drop decks. If you want to enjoy a smooth feel when riding it, choose the pintails for it is equipped with larger wheels.

Facts about Longboards 4: the stability

Longboards have impressive stability. When you ride it downhill, the high speed is more supported.



Facts about Longboards 5: the most flexible longboard

If you are interested with the most flexible longboard, choose the mid-length board. It comes with the length of 37 to 50 inches or 94 to 127 cm.

Facts about Longboards 6: the skateboarding tricks

It is not easy to do the skateboarding tricks using longboards because of the bulk and weight. However, the players will gain more momentum due the higher fluid motion.



Facts about Longboards 7: the axes

Three axes are found on longboards. They are the short axis, central axis and tail axis. The latter one is from the tail to tail.

Facts about Longboards 8: David Cornthwaite

David Cornthwaite set the record in 2006 for the longest distance covered by riding a longboard. He traveled from Perth to Brisbane using his board, which covered 5,855.21 kilometer or 3,638.26 miles. Rob Thomas of New Zealand surpassed his record with 12,159 kilometer of journey.

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Facts about Longboards 9: Mischo Erban

Mischo Erban earned the land speed record of longboard with 80.741 miles per hour or 129.94 km per hour in 2012.

Longboard wheels

Longboard wheels

Facts about Longboards 10: safety

When you do longboarding, the helmet culture is very important to comply. Gloves and helmets are mostly worn by professionals.

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