10 Facts about Longhouses

Post On: March 6, 2017
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The type of house, which can be found in many parts of the world like in North America, Europe and Asia, is elaborated on Facts about longhouses. Just as its name suggests, the longhouses are characterized with long shape, single room and narrow building. In many cultures, the longhouses are created from timber. The livestock was also housed in the stone Medieval Dartmoor longhouse. The different cultures in the world have varied designs, styles and shapes of longhouses. Let us get other interesting facts about longhouses below:

Facts about Longhouses 1: Neolithic long house type

The Neolithic long house type was traced back in 5000 BCE to 7000 years ago. The first farmers who lived in western and central Europe introduced this longhouse type. The house was occupied by the extended families.

Facts about Longhouses

Facts about Longhouses

Facts about Longhouses 2: Germanic cattle farmer longhouses

In third or 4th century, Germanic cattle farmer longhouses were introduced. It was found at the southwestern North Sea coast. The experts believe that the longhouse variants of the Scottish, Welsh and English were originated from this longhouse.

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Facts about Longhouses 3: the medieval longhouses

The survived medieval longhouses can be found in some areas of Europe. The longhouse is called Ty Hir in Wales. Devon in Cornwall also features the Dartmoor longhouse variants.

Facts about Longhouses 4: longhouses in France

The longhouses are found in France too. They are in the form of mansion lounge or longere discovered at Anjou, Mayenne, Normandy and Lower Brittany.

Longhouses Facts

Longhouses Facts

Facts about Longhouses 5: the wet condition

The wet condition influenced the design of longhouses. The attic was well supported and had large design so that the people were able to store the high amount of grain and hay. The posts were used to support the base.

Facts about Longhouses 6: the length

The length of longhouses dated back to 16th century is between 50 to 60 feet.



Facts about Longhouses 7: Iroquois

Iroquois lived in a longhouse, which has the width of 20 to 23 feet or 6 to 7 meters. It had the shape of an arbor with the structure created from bark or wood boards.

Facts about Longhouses 8: the size of Iroquois’ longhouse

The length was around 20 to 23 feet. The compartment had the width of 6.6 feet or 2 meters. The width for the central aisle is around 9.8 feet or 3 meters.

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Facts about Longhouses 9: the longhouse in Korea

The longhouses in Korea were dated back in 1100 to 850 BC.



Facts about Longhouses 10: in Southeast Asia

In Indonesia, the longhouse is known by the local name of rumah bentang or rumah panjang.

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