10 Facts about Lord Vishnu

Post On: March 11, 2017
By: Agustina

Look at the following Facts about Lord Vishnu if you want to know one of the major Hindu deities. In the Vaishnavism tradition, he is called as the Supreme Being. Have you ever heard about Trimurti? It is a Hindu Trinity, which consists of Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu. The famous incarnations of Lord Vishnu include Rama in Ramayana and Krishna in Mahabharata. Lord Vishnu is also recognized as Hari, Vithoba, Vasudeva, Jagannath and Narayana. Let us find out the details about Lord Vishnu below:

Facts about Lord Vishnu 1: the prevalent depiction

The prevalent depiction of Lord Vishnu is having the dark blue skin complexion. He has four arms.

Facts about Lord Vishnu

Facts about Lord Vishnu

Facts about Lord Vishnu 2: the arms

As I have stated before Lord Vishnu has four arms. His upper right hand holds Sudarshana Chakra. His upper left hand has Panchajanya shankha. The lower right hand and lower left hand have mace or Kaumodaki gada and lotus flower or a padma.

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Facts about Lord Vishnu 3: the highest rank

Lord Vishnu has the highest rank in Indian mythology due to his appearance in Brahmana layer of text.

Facts about Lord Vishnu 4: the Vedic literature

Lord Vishnu is depicted as the deity who supports earth and heaven according to the Vedic literature.

Lord Vishnu Facts

Lord Vishnu Facts

Facts about Lord Vishnu 5: the Hindu temples

In the Hindu temples, the artwork often features the three strides of Lord Vishnu.

Facts about Lord Vishnu 6: the focus

Puranas are the important texts in Hinduism where Vishnu becomes the focus.  The texts include Vayu Purana, Bhagavata Purana, Nāradeya Purana and Vishnu Purana.

Lord Vishnu Pic

Lord Vishnu Pic

Facts about Lord Vishnu 7: the content of Purana texts

The content of Purana texts includes the encyclopedic, mythologies and cosmologies. The latter topic narrates that Vishnu watches the cosmos through his eye.

Facts about Lord Vishnu 8: Krishna

Krishna is the famous avatar of Lord Vishnu. The story about him can be found at Bhagavata Purana. The story about Krishna is very popular so that it has been translated in many Indian languages.

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Facts about Lord Vishnu 9: Bhakti movement theology

Bhakti movement theology focused on the ideas of Vishnu in the first millennium CE.  One of the temples built for Vishnu is Angkor Wat.

Lord Vishnu Statue

Lord Vishnu Statue

Facts about Lord Vishnu 10: Lakshmi

Do you know the wife of Vishnu? She is Lakshmi known as the goddess of prosperity, fortune and wealth. She is incarnated as Rukmini to become Krishna’s wife. When Vishnu incarnates into Rama, Lakshmi incarnates into Sita.

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