10 Facts about Lorraine France

Post On: March 11, 2017
By: Agustina

The following Facts about Lorraine France will talk about the historical region located in France. The name is rooted form Lotharingia. It was a medieval kingdom. It was ruled by King Lothair II or Emperor Lothair I. Before France annexed the region in 1766, it gained the status as a Duchy of Lorraine. Lorraine earned the status as an administrative region within France in 1982 until January 2016. Now it has the status as a part of Grand Est.

Facts about Lorraine France 1: the departments and communes

Lorraine consists of 2,337 communes and 4 departments, which include Vosges, Moselle, Meuse and Meurthe-et-Moselle. Nancy is the largest metropolitan area in Lorraine.

Lorraine France Facts

Lorraine France Facts

Facts about Lorraine France 2: the residents

The term Lorrain is used to call the residents of Lorraine. It is a home for 2,356,000 individuals.

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Facts about Lorraine France 3: the French identity

The German-speaking people inhabit the northeastern part of Lorraine. Most areas in the region are rooted in French culture.

Facts about Lorraine France 4: Lorraine in the Second World War

The official symbol of Free French Forces was a cross in the Second World War. The leader was Charles de Gaulle.

Lorraine France Food

Lorraine France Food

Facts about Lorraine France 5: the memorial of Charles de Gaulle

The home village of Charles de Gaulle is located at Colombey-les-Deux-Églises where it features the high Cross of Lorraine. It has the height of 145 feet or 44.3 meter.

Facts about Lorraine France 6: potato

Potato is one of the important ingredients in Lorraine’s cuisine. The root for using potato in the cuisine of Lorraine was dated back in 1665. The potée Lorraine is one of the traditional dishes cooked with potatoes.

Lorraine France

Lorraine France

Facts about Lorraine France 7: quiche Lorraine

Have you ever tasted quiche Lorraine? This traditional dish is cooked from the smoked bacon. Another excellent dish is the Breux potato originated from Breux village.

Facts about Lorraine France 8: the notable fruit

The notable fruit in Lorraine is the Mirabelle fruit. It is often used in some alcoholic beverages, desserts and pies. The desserts from Lorraine include Plombières ice cream, rum baba, and madeleine.

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Facts about Lorraine France 9: cheese

Lorraine is also a producer of cheese, which includes Tourrée de l’Aubier, Munster-géromé and Brouère.

Facts about Lorraine France

Facts about Lorraine France

Facts about Lorraine France 10: the Côtes de Toul

The Côtes de Toul is the most famous wine produced from Lorraine. The vineyards are spreading at valley of Metz, valley of Moselle, and valley of Sierck.

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