10 Facts about Losing Weight

Post On: March 11, 2017
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The reduction of total body mass is the main topic on Facts about Losing Weight. Many people want to lose weight.  The weight loss may occur in two reasons. It can be intentional or unintentional. The latter one is often associated with diseases and malnourishment. Cachexia is a term used to call an unexplained condition of weight loss. It can be a sign of medical condition. Some people use the term slimming when they perform the intentional weight loss.

Facts about Losing Weight 1: dieting

The prevalent way for losing weight is by dieting. The person will restrict the consumption of food and drinks to decrease the body weight.

Losing Weight Tips

Losing Weight Tips

Facts about Losing Weight 2: how to reduce the body weight

Besides dieting, the person should have regular physical exercise. Dieting is usually conducted by the obese and overweight people.

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Facts about Losing Weight 3: the benefits of diet

Diet has various benefits if it is well performed. The health will be enhanced and the body weight is stable. Some people who have diabetes also perform dieting.

Facts about Losing Weight 4: the categories of diet

There are a number of categories of diet. It can be flexible diet, low calorie, low carbohydrate, low fat and very low calorie diets.

Losing Weight

Losing Weight

Facts about Losing Weight 5: the most effective diet

Decreasing the intake of calorie consumption is considered as the most effective diet according to the scholars.

Facts about Losing Weight 6: the short-term dieting

The improvement on the health and permanent reduction on weight are not spotted for those who only have short term dieting.

Losing Weight

Losing Weight

Facts about Losing Weight 7: the mortality rate

On average, the mortality rate is increased for the healthy people who perform diet. On the other hand, the benefit is perceived for the unhealthy people who perform diet.

Facts about Losing Weight 8: Banting diet

Banting diet is named after William Banting who lost weight after he performed the low calorie and low carbohydrate diet. It was the first popular diet.

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Facts about Losing Weight 9: exercise

Losing weight can be conducted by having physical exercise or fitness. It has a number of benefits. The people who have osteoarthritis on the knee will have better movement.

Facts about Losing Weight

Facts about Losing Weight

Facts about Losing Weight 10: the reason of weight loss

Besides the healthy benefit, some people want to reduce weight to maintain the physical attractiveness.

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