10 Facts about Loughborough

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Let us check Facts about Loughborough if you want to know a town located within Leicestershire. Loughborough University is located in Loughborough. The Charnwood Borough Council is also placed here. In 2004, it was a home for 57,600 people. In Leicestershire, it is the second most populous settlement. The points of interest located nearby Loughborough are Derby, East Midlands Airport and Nottingham. Let us check facts about Loughborough below:

Facts about Loughborough 1: John Taylor Bellfounders

John Taylor Bellfounders is the largest bell foundry located in Loughborough. Many famous bells have been made here such as the bells for York Minster and the Carillon war memorial.

Loughborough Church

Loughborough Church

Facts about Loughborough 2: Domesday Book

Domesday Book in 1086 had mentioned Loughborough for the first time.

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Facts about Loughborough 3: Loughborough Echo

Loughborough Echo is the local weekly newspaper in the town.  The Leicester Mercury is the daily newspaper of Leicestershire.

Facts about Loughborough 4: the shopping area

Loughborough also features the shopping center. You may reach Market Street and Market Place. Most buildings located around the area are made in art deco architectural design. On Thursday and Saturday, you can come to Market Place to visit a large outdoor market.

Loughborough Map

Loughborough Map

Facts about Loughborough 5: the climate

The winter is mild, while the summer is cool for it has the maritime climate just like East Midlands and British Isles.

Facts about Loughborough 6: the highest temperature

On August 3, 1990, Loughborough had the highest temperature at 94.6 degrees F or 34.8 degrees C.

Facts about Loughborough

Facts about Loughborough

Facts about Loughborough 7: sport

Cricket is the notable sport in the town. It also has a rugby team and football club.

Facts about Loughborough 8: the swimming club

Loughborough Town Swimming Club is the swimming club in the town. The local venues are used for training the swimmers.

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Facts about Loughborough 9: the museums

The town is a home of five museums. Charnwood Museum is considered as the largest one, which displays the history, industry, geology, and natural history of Loughborough. If you want to know the memorabilia from the world war one and two, you have to visit the Carillon and War Memorial located nearby Queens Park. The Bellfoundry Museum is the museum of John Taylor & Co bell founders.  It will inform the visitors about the bell making throughout the history.



Facts about Loughborough 10: Loughborough Town Hall

Various events have been conducted at the Town Hall. It has been used as a venue for music shows, concerts, Christmas pantomime, exhibitions, and musicals.

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