10 Facts about Louis XIII

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Let me tell you about the monarch of House of Bourbon on Facts about Louis XIII. He was born September 27th, 1601 and died on May 14th, 1643. In 1610 until 1643, he reigned France as the King. In 1610 until 1620, he was entitled as Louis II, the King of Navarre. At that time, the French and Navarre crowns were incorporated. Due to the assassination of his father Henry IV, he became the king of France and Navarre. It was before he celebrated the 9th birthday.

Facts about Louis XIII 1: the regent

The regent was at the hand of his mother, Marie de’ Medici when Louis XIII was still a minor.

Facts about Louis XIII 2: the power of a young king

The young king rose to power in 1617 after he decided to execute the followers of his mother. After he was on reign, he exiled his mother. The reason was related to the incapability of Marie as a regent. She favored the Italians, performed ceaseless politics and mismanaged the kingdom.

Facts about Louis XIII

Facts about Louis XIII

Facts about Louis XIII 3: Concino Concini

Concino Concini was one of the prominent Italian figures in French court executed by Louis XIII. He was the follower of his mother.

Facts about Louis XIII 4: the chief ministers

Charles d’Albert was the first chief minister who governed the kingdom of France. He was appointed by Louis XIII. Then he relayed his kingdom at the hand of Cardinal Richelieu. The king was always suspicious.

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Facts about Louis XIII 5: the important role

The revolt conducted by the French nobility was ended at the hand of the king and cardinal.

Louis XIII Facts

Louis XIII Facts

Facts about Louis XIII 6: the reign

The struggles against Habsburg Spain and Huguenots also marked the reign of Louis XIII.

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Facts about Louis XIII 7: the greatest victory of France

The Battle of Rocroi in 1643 marked the greatest victory earned by France against the Habsburg Empire.

Facts about Louis XIII 8: the death of Louis XIII

Louis XIII died because of complication of intestinal tuberculosis on 14 May 1643.

Louis XIII Pic

Louis XIII PicKing o

Facts about Louis XIII 9: personal life

Louis XIII and Anne of Austria married on November 24th, 1615. Her father was Phillip III of Spain.

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Facts about Louis XIII 10: the son

On September 5th, 1638, Anne gave birth to a son. He was the future King Louis XIV. Before he was born, Anne had to deal with four stillbirths and had to wait for 23 years to have a son.

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