10 Facts about Louis XVI

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The important figure in France is elaborated on Facts about Louis XVI. He was born on August 23rd, 1754 and died on January 21st, 1793. He was recognized as the last king of France. His birth name is Louis-Auguste. He was also recognized as Louis Capet. He became the new Dauphin of France in 1765 after the death of his father. Then he earned the title as King of France and Navarre after the death of his grandfather on May10th, 1774. On 21st, January 1793, he was guillotined which marked the end of his kingdom. Let us find out other interesting facts about Louis XVI below:

Facts about Louis XVI 1: the early years of his reign

He tried to restore France according to the ideal ideas of Enlightenment during the early years of his reign as a king.

Facts about Louis XVI 2: the Enlightenment

The Enlightenment ideas that he tried to employ in his kingdom included removing the taille, eliminating serfdom and improving religious tolerance to the non-Catholic people.

facts about Louis XVI

facts about Louis XVI

Facts about Louis XVI 3: the French nobility

The ideas proposed by Louis XVI were rejected by the French nobility. Thus, the reforms were not implemented. However, the bread price was increased during his reign because of his implementation of grain market deregulation. The masses of revolt might occur when the food was scarce due to the failed harvest.

Facts about Louis XVI 4: the North American colonists

The North American colonists were supported by Louis XVI in 1776 to get independence from Great Britain.  The Treaty of Paris enacted in 1783 was the active support from Louis XVI.

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Facts about Louis XVI 5: the Ancien Regime

His Ancien Regime was not popular among the people due to the financial crisis and debt. Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, his wife were considered as the symbols of absolute monarchy and French aristocracy opposed by the lower and middle classes of France.

Louis XVI Family

Louis XVI Family

Facts about Louis XVI 6: French Revolution

The beginning of French Revolution took place during the riots of Paris when Bastille was stormed by masses in 1789.

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Facts about Louis XVI 7: a tyrant

Louis XVI was viewed as a tyrant due to his conservatism and indecisiveness. He was viewed negatively by the French people. However, he abolished the labor tax and death penalty in France.

Facts about Louis XVI 8: the arrest

On 10th August 1792, he was arrested during the insurrection according to the civil and international war. The constitutional monarchy was abolished in the following month.

Louis XVI

Louis XVI

Facts about Louis XVI 9: the French republic

On 21st September 1793, the French Republic was proclaimed.

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Facts about Louis XVI 10: high treason

On 21 January 1793, he was guillotined due to his guilt of high reason according to National Convention.

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