10 Facts about Louis Zamperini

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Read Facts about Louis Zamperini if you want to know an Olympic distance runner. He was also known as an evangelist in Christianity. During the Second World War, he survived. He was born on 26th January 1917 and died on 2nd July 2014. His full name was Louis Silvie Zamperini. He was mostly known as Louis Zamperini.

Facts about Louis Zamperini 1: running

When he was in high school, he selected running as his favorite sport. During 1936 Berlin Olympics, he made into the 5000m race as the representative for United States. He earned the 8th place.

Facts about Louis Zamperini 2: the Army Air Forces

He became a lieutenant in the Army Air Forces of United States in 1941.

Louis Zamperini Facts

Louis Zamperini Facts

Facts about Louis Zamperini 3: the job in the Pacific

During his job in the Pacific, Zamperini was responsible for B-24 Liberators due to his role as a bombardier.

Facts about Louis Zamperini 4: the crashed plane

The plane of Zamperini was crashed on the ocean for the plane had mechanical problems during the search and rescue mission.

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Facts about Louis Zamperini 5: on the sea

Due to the crashed plane, he was drifted on the sea. He spotted an island on the 46th day. On the 47th day, he arrived at the island. He was captured by the Japanese army since he landed on Marshall Islands. He was tortured after being transported to a prison camp in Japan.

Louis Zamperini

Louis Zamperini

Facts about Louis Zamperini 6: the ordeal

It was hard for Zamperini to deal with the torture and ordeal after the Second World War ended. However, he tried to believe in forgiveness and became a Christian evangelist.

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Facts about Louis Zamperini 7: movies

The life experience of Zamperini inspired the people to create films about him. Captured by Grace was released in 2015. The previous movie was Unbroken released in 2014. Both are two biographical films.

Facts about Louis Zamperini 8: the birthplace

The birthplace of Zamperini was located in Olean, New York. His mother was Louise Dossi. His father was Anthony Zamperini. Virginia and Sylvia were his younger sisters. Pete was his older brother.

Facts about Louis Zamperini

Facts about Louis Zamperini

Facts about Louis Zamperini 9: Matt Barkey

In 2009, Zamperini made a friend with Matt Barkley. He was a star quarterback. On 7 June 2012, he was invited on The Tonight Show talking about his general life, life experience during the Second World War and Olympics.

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Facts about Louis Zamperini 10: death

On 2nd July 2014, Zamperini passed away because of pneumonia at the age of 97.

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