10 Facts about Lovebirds

Post On: March 18, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Lovebirds explain about the affectionate small parrot included in genus Agapomis. The grey-headed lovebird is originated from Madagascar. On the other, the African continent is the original place for eight species of lovebirds. The small parrots are called lovebirds because of their long period of monogamous pair bonding. The pair will spend their time together by sitting or perching on branches of trees.

Facts about Lovebirds 1: the diet

The diet of lovebirds depends on their species. The figs and insects are the primary foods for black-winged lovebirds. The native figs are the main food for the black collared lovebirds. The common lovebirds like to eat seeds, grasses, veggies and fruit.



Facts about Lovebirds 2: the life span

The life span of lovebirds reaches 10 to 15 years on average.

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Facts about Lovebirds 3: as a pet

Many people like to have lovebirds at home as their pets. In the aviculture, people like to have the lovebirds with some color mutations.

Facts about Lovebirds 4: the species of lovebirds

Some species of lovebirds include Agapornis fischeri or Fischer’s lovebird, Agapornis personatus or masked lovebird, Agapornis pullarius or red-faced lovebird, and Agapornis canus or Madagascar lovebird.



Facts about Lovebirds 5: Agapornis personatus

Agapornis personatus is also called masked lovebird, which has the blue tail feather and yellow and green body color. It has the length of 5.5 inches or 14 cm.

Facts about Lovebirds 6: Madagascar lovebird

Madagascar lovebird is also called a grey-headed lovebird. The head, neck and upper body of the male have grey color. It has the length of 5 inches or 13 cm.

Lovebirds Pic

Lovebirds Pic

Facts about Lovebirds 7: nesting and mating

The mating will take place after the nest has been constructed. The eggs will be produced 3 to 5 days later after the repeated mating. The eggs will hatch into lovebird chicks. They will live with the parents for 55 days until they can get food independently.

Facts about Lovebirds 8: East Africa

The cities located in East Africa have the feral population of masked lovebirds and Fischer’s lovebirds. The warmer cities of US also feature the feral lovebirds.

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Facts about Lovebirds 9: the happiness

If you decide to have a lovebird, make sure that you can give it enough attention to keep it happy. If you do not have much time to give attention, you need to give it a companion.

Facts about Lovebirds

Facts about Lovebirds

Facts about Lovebirds 10: comfortable with human

The lovebirds may perch on the shoulders or fingers when they are comfortable with humans.

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