10 Facts about Loyalists

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The following Facts about Loyalists will tell us about the American colonists who wanted to be a part of British Crown. The people who fought on the American side during the American revolutionary war were not included as loyalist. The loyalists were often called the King’s Men, Royalist, and Tories. The America colonists who wanted freedom and independence were called the Patriots. Therefore, the loyalists and patriots were not on the same direction. The patriots often defined the loyalists as the people who did not want the American liberties.

Facts about Loyalists 1: the expectation

The British government or British crown was assured by the notable loyalists that American colonies had many loyalists. In reality, only a few loyalists fought for the British side during the American revolutionary war.

Loyalists Facts

Loyalists Facts

Facts about Loyalists 2:  the loyalist opposition

The loyalist opposition, which grew in American colonies, was closely detected and suspected by the patriots.

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Facts about Loyalists 3: leaving America

The loyalists decided to leave America after the British government was defeated. Canada or British North America was the popular place for the loyalists from American colonies.

Facts about Loyalists 4: the southern colonists

Florida was the popular place for the southern loyalists. On the other hand, Nova Scotia, New Burnswick, Quebec and Ontario were the popular places for the Northern Loyalists.

Compensation for Loyalist

Compensation for Loyalist

Facts about Loyalists 5: United Empire Loyalists

United Empire Loyalists were the official name for the people who wanted American colonies to stick under the British Empire.

Facts about Loyalists 6: the loyalists in United States

The loyalists who did not move to Canada gained the American citizenship and got their property back.



Facts about Loyalists 7: the number of loyalists

The number of loyalists in 1775 was 15 to 20 percent from 2 million white people.

Facts about Loyalists 8: the characteristics of loyalists

There are eight characteristics of loyalists identified by Leonard Woods Larabee. Most of them did not like the radical change. They were older and had a strong connection with United Kingdom. Most of them were afraid with mob and chaos rule. They also displayed pessimism toward the future of the country if it was controlled by the patriots.

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Facts about Loyalists 9: the notable loyalists

One of the prominent loyalists was Samuel Adams who lived from 1730 until his death in 1810.  He was a physician in Vermont. This man did not have any relationship with Samuel Adams.

Facts about Loyalists

Facts about Loyalists

Facts about Loyalists 10: other prominent loyalists

Other prominent loyalists include the Judge of Land Office Benedict Swingate Calvert, the royal Navy officer Sir Isaac Coffin and commissioner of Indian affairs Christian Daniel Claus.

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