10 Facts about LS Lowry

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Facts about LS Lowry will talk about the famous English artist. He was born on November 1st, 1887 and died on February 23rd, 1976. His full name was Laurence Stephen Lowry. He spent at least 40 years to work and live in Pendlebury, Lancashire that inspired him to create paintings and drawings. The industrial districts located in North West England were used as the primary theme in his painting. He depicted the scenes of life in the area.

Facts about LS Lowry 1: the matchstick men

The matchstick men are used to call the human figures found on the urban landscape painting of Lowry. He had a unique painting style.

L. S. Lowry Center

L. S. Lowry Center

Facts about LS Lowry 2: other works of Lowry

Lowry created various kinds of works. The marionette works were unpublished because they were found after he died. He also created brooding portraits and unpopulated landscapes.

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Facts about LS Lowry 3: the characteristics of his painting

Lowry is called as a native Sunday painter due to his lack of weather effect on his landscape painting.

Facts about LS Lowry 4: The Lowry

Have you ever heard about The Lowry? This art gallery is found on Salford Quays, which displays a large number of Lowry’s collection. The gallery is used to honor the painter.

L. S. Lowry Facts

L. S. Lowry Facts

Facts about LS Lowry 5: British honors

During his life, Lowry was offered with five honors. In 1968, he earned the knighthood, but he rejected the honor.

Facts about LS Lowry 6: the first solo exhibition outside United Kingdom

The first solo exhibition of LS Lowry’s artworks outside United Kingdom took place in Nanjing, China in 2014.

L. S. Lowry House

L. S. Lowry House

Facts about LS Lowry 7: the early work

He worked for Pall Mall Company for his early career after he left school. When the evening came, he followed art lesson.

Facts about LS Lowry 8: the family life

The family life of Lowry was difficult. In 1932, his father died and left the family with debt. His mother was bedridden for she suffered from depression. After his mother was asleep, Lowry would paint.

Facts about LS Lowry 9: the recognition

Lowry earned recognition as a painter after his mother died. It made him regret for his mother could not enjoy his successful life.

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Facts about L. S. Lowry

Facts about L. S. Lowry

Facts about LS Lowry 10: friendship

During his adult life, he befriended with many new people. Harold Riley was one of his friends.

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