10 Facts about Lucille Fletcher

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Get the interesting information about the notable American screenwriter of television, film and radio on Facts about Lucille Fletcher. She was born on 28 March 1912 and died on 31 August 2000. The Hitch-Hiker was one of Fletcher’s works. She wrote it for Orson Welles as a radio play. The Twilight Zone TV series adapted this work for an episode.

Facts about Lucille Fletcher 1: the most famous work

The most famous work of Fletcher was Sorry, Wrong Number. This radio play has been adapted into a film noir classis released in 1948.

Facts about Lucille Fletcher

Facts about Lucille Fletcher

Facts about Lucille Fletcher 2: the personal life

In 1939, Fletcher and Bernard Herrmann married. Her husband was a composer.  In 1943, he began working on his opera Wuthering Heights. In 1951, the opera was finished after the couple divorced. Fletcher was the writer for the libretto.

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Facts about Lucille Fletcher 3: the birthplace

The birthplace of Fletcher was located in Brooklyn, New York. Her mother was Violet Fletcher. Her father was Matthew Emerson Fletcher.

Facts about Lucille Fletcher 4:  the early education

Before being enrolled at Bay Ridge High School, she went to Maxwell Training School and Public School. She was appointed as the school magazine editor and president of Arista honor society.

Lucille Fletcher Facts

Lucille Fletcher Facts

Facts about Lucille Fletcher 5: champion student orator

During the National Oratorical Contest on the Constitution of the United States, Fletcher won the title as the champion student orator at the age of 17. She earned the prize of $1,000, a gold medal and a trip to South America. She also had the ticket to move to the nation championship where she finished at the third place.

Facts about Lucille Fletcher 6: the college education

In 1933, Fletcher earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Vassar College.

Sorry Wrong Number

Sorry Wrong Number

Facts about Lucille Fletcher 7: the early occupation

She worked as a publicity writer at CBS, copyright clerk and music librarian in 1934 until 1939.

Facts about Lucille Fletcher 8: meeting her husband

Bernard Herrmann was a composer who met Fletcher when he conducted the CBS orchestra. Because of the objection of her parents, the couple had delayed marriage after dating for five years. On 2nd October 1939, the couple married.

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Facts about Lucille Fletcher 9: the first success

“My Client Curley” earned her the first success. Norman Corwin adapted her magazine story into a radio play.

Lucille Fletcher Play

Lucille Fletcher Play

Facts about Lucille Fletcher 10: death

On 31 August 2000, Fletcher died due to a stroke.

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