10 Facts about Luck

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Facts about Luck talk about the chance. The definition about it is varied according to the emotional, mystical, religious and philosophical interpretation. Luck occurs beyond our control.  This event is viewed in two different senses. The luck is often spoken after the event in the descriptive sense. After the event, the person will realize whether it is fortunate or unfortunate. The people who do not believe in luck view it according to the prescriptive sense. They believe that luck occurs due to the forces of spirits or gods. Let us check other interesting facts about luck below:

Facts about Luck 1: the ancient Romans

Luck was considered as the embodiment of goddess Fortuna according to the ancient Romans. It is an example of luck viewed according to the superstition and faith.

Facts about Luck 2: Carl Jung

Carl Jung has an opinion about luck. Jung believed that luck is a meaningful coincidence.

Luck Pic

Luck Pic

Facts about Luck 3: the popularity of luck

Luck is considered as a popular concept in various parts of the world. It comes in a number of forms and symbols.

Facts about Luck 4: the major types of luck

Luck is divided in three different types. They are the ignorance luck, circumstantial luck and constitutional luck.

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Facts about Luck 5: the ignorance luck

The ignorance luck is used to define the luck with unidentified factors.  The factors, which cannot be altered, are used to characterize the constitutional luck. The examples of such luck are genetic constitution and place of birth. The common examples of circumstantial luck include epidemics and accidents.



Facts about Luck 6: games

Luck is used to define some games. The effort and skill are not counted if the game depends on luck.

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Facts about Luck 7: throwing dice

Throwing dice involves with luck. The game like chess is not related to luck due to the lack of random factors. The pure luck will define the winner in games with a communal board like poker.

Facts about Luck 8: the positive and negative impact

If the negative impact occurs during the game with random factors, the player has the bad luck. The positive impact is defined as having good luck.

Facts about Luck

Facts about Luck

Facts about Luck 9: the national lottery

The national lottery also has something to do with luck. The winner is considered lucky for he or she does not have to do anything to win.

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Facts about Luck 10: numbers

Some numbers are considered lucky and unlucky according to cultures. Therefore, some people want to have the lucky plate number, house number and telephone number.

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