10 Facts about Lucy Burns

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We will show you facts about Lucy Burns by reading the whole post below. She was known as a women’s rights advocate and suffragist in United Kingdom and United States. Burns was born on 28 July 1879 and died on 22 December 1966. The National Woman’s Party was established by Lucy Burns and Alice Paul. Both were close friends. Both became the leaders of the Congressional Committee of NAWSA or National American Women Suffrage Association after returning to United States.

Facts about Lucy Burns 1: the political party

It was needed for women to have a political party, which might lead into the federal suffrage amendment.

Lucy Burns Pic

Lucy Burns Pic

Facts about Lucy Burns 2: the tactics

Paul and Burns presented a militant tactic to force the government to take action. However, the idea was rejected by the NAWSA leaders. They believed that the idea was too premature to attack the Democratic Party, which just had won the presidential election.

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Facts about Lucy Burns 3: a suffrage parade

Even though the dispute occurred in NAWSA related to the proposal, a suffrage parade was authorized by the NAWSA leaders during the inauguration of Woodrow Wilson. However, Paul and Burns would not get any fund from the organization due to the suffrage. Both agreed with the condition. Actually, it marked the separation of Paul and Burns from NAWSA.

Facts about Lucy Burns 4: the Congressional Union

The Congressional Union was established by Burns and Paul after NAWSA did not want to get along with the more radical group. However, both still wanted their organization to be connected with NAWSA.

Lucy Burns Facts

Lucy Burns Facts

Facts about Lucy Burns 5: the radical proposal

During the NAWSA convention in Washington DC, Burns proposed a radical idea to give the Democrats an ultimatum. They should support the women’s suffrage or they would not be elected again.

Facts about Lucy Burns 6: the relationship with NAWSA

Lucy Burns developed a tenuous relationship with NAWSA due to the radical proposal.

Lucy Burns

Lucy Burns

Facts about Lucy Burns 7: negotiations

Burns tried to negotiate with NAWSA leaders so that her Congressional Union did not have to separate completely from NAWSA.

Facts about Lucy Burns 8: the official split

On 12 February 1914, the Congressional Union split from NAWSA officially even though Burns had various efforts to stay within NAWSA.

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Facts about Lucy Burns 9: the first woman to speak

In 1914, Burns was the first woman who spoke in front of the Congressional delegates. It signified that her fellow suffragist respected her much.

Facts about Lucy Burns

Facts about Lucy Burns

Facts about Lucy Burns 10: the unity of women

Burns and Paul were important figures since both signified that women would unite in the suffragist movement.

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