10 Facts about Lucy Heartfilia

Post On: March 21, 2017
By: Agustina

You will be informed with the details about a cartoon character, which has the shoulder-length blonde hair and brown eyes. She often sports flowing hair or have a small ponytail tied with colorful ribbons. Lucy Heartfilia is recognized as the member of Team Natsu. She often has different outfits. The prevalent characteristic of her appearance is related to the usage of belt to make her skirt up matched with high-heeled boots made of black leather. Here are facts about Lucy Heartfilia to notice:

Facts about Lucy Heartfilia 1: the personality

Can you define the personality of Lucy Heartfilia? She is super confident with her physical appearance. She is cute and charming.

facts about Lucy Heartfilia

facts about Lucy Heartfilia

Facts about Lucy Heartfilia 2: the positive traits

Lucy Heartfilia has the positive traits. She is caring, kind and clever.

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Facts about Lucy Heartfilia 3: the passion

Do you know that Lucy Heartfilia has great passion on literature? She uses her adventure with Fairy Tale to write her novel.

Facts about Lucy Heartfilia 4: the hobbies

Lucy has various hobbies such as cooking, shopping, reading prose and shopping.

Lucy Heartfilia Pic

Lucy Heartfilia Pic

Facts about Lucy Heartfilia 5: the favorite colors

The favorite colors of Lucy Heartfilia are pink and blue.

Facts about Lucy Heartfilia 6: the family background

Once, the Heartfilia family was one of the most influential and richest families in Fiore country. Lucy decided to leave the house because Layla Heartfilia, her mother died. Moreover, she had estranged relationship with her father. Lucy seeks the independence by following her own path.

Lucy Heartfilia Image

Lucy Heartfilia Image

Facts about Lucy Heartfilia 7: Celestial Spirits

As I have stated before, Lucy is a nice and kind girl. She never treats the Celestial Spirits as her shields. She treats them well. Others will treat the Celestial Spirits as the objects or tools.

Facts about Lucy Heartfilia 8: as a friend

She always wants to be called as a friend of the spirits. She does not want to be called as the owner of the spirit. She will sacrifice herself to save the friends.

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Facts about Lucy Heartfilia 9: during the fight

During the fight, Heartfilia uses her intelligence to beat her enemy. She does not want to give up. Actually, she is not interested using violence to solve a problem.

Lucy Heartfilia Facts

Lucy Heartfilia Facts

Facts about Lucy Heartfilia 10: the power of Celestial Spirits

The Celestial Spirits of Lucy come in different levels of power. Aquarius is one of her spirits, which has the ability to manipulate water.

Are you impressed after reading facts about Lucy Heartfilia?