10 Facts about Luis Miramontes

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Get the interesting information about the famous Mexican chemist on Facts about Luis Miramontes. He was born on 16th March 1925 and died on 13th September 2004. His full name was Luis Ernesto Miramontes Cárdenas. One of the first three oral contraceptives called progestin norethisterone was co-invented by Miramontes. The birthplace of Miramontes was located in Tepic, Nayarit. He was enrolled at UNAM or Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México by taking chemical engineering degree.  Here are other interesting facts about Miramontes below:

Facts about Luis Miramontes 1: Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry was a specialized field in the Institute of Chemistry of UNAM. It was founded by Miramontes.

Facts about Luis Miramontes 2: the position

Miramontes held various positions in the field of education. In the Faculty of Chemistry of UNAM, he served as a professor. At IMP or Mexican Institute of Petroleum, he became deputy Director of Research. At Universidad Iberoamericana, Miramontes was appointed as Director and professor of the School of Chemistry.

Facts about Luis Miramontes

Facts about Luis Miramontes

Facts about Luis Miramontes 3: scientific societies

Miramontes was a member of various scientific societies such as Chemical Society of Mexico, the Mexican Institute of Chemical Engineers and American Chemical Society.

Facts about Luis Miramontes 4: death

In 2004, Miramontes passed away in Mexico City.

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Facts about Luis Miramontes 5: the scientific contribution

Miramontes contributed to the field of science through his experiments and publications.  He was awarded with 40 national and international patents. The works of Miramontes covered different scientific fields such as polluting agents, atmospheric chemistry, petrochemistry, organic chemistry and pharmaceutical chemistry.

Luis Miramontes Facts

Luis Miramontes Facts

Facts about Luis Miramontes 6: norethisterone

Norethisterone was developed into progestin used for oral contraceptive. Miramontes synthesized it at the age of 26.

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Facts about Luis Miramontes 7: co-inventors

The co-inventors for norethisterone are George Rosenkranz, Carl Djerassi, and Luis Miramontes. The patent was listed using their names. The Father of the Pill was attributed for Carl Djerassi.

Facts about Luis Miramontes 8: contraceptive pill

The contraceptive pill was one of the 40 most important inventions.  Miramontes was among other prominent inventors such as Wright brothers, Bell, Edison and Pasteur.

Luis Miramontes

Luis Miramontes

Facts about Luis Miramontes 9: Mexican National Prize

In 1986, Mexican National Prize on Chemistry “Andrés Manuel del Rio” was given to Miramontes.

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Facts about Luis Miramontes 10: the “Amado Nervo” Medal

Miramontes was awarded with Miramontes in 1998 on the behalf of Nayarit government.

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