10 Facts about Lunar New Year

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Facts about Lunar New Year will be explained in the following post. It is used to define the first day of year defined by the moon cycles. There are two major types of lunar New Year. They are a lunisolar calendar and pure lunar calendar. The latter does not have anything to do with the solar year. The former one will be adjusted to match up with the solar calendar. Thus, an intercalary month is applied on the former one. Check other interesting facts about Lunar New Year below:

Facts about Lunar New Year 1: the traditional Chinese lunisolar calendar

The traditional Chinese lunisolar calendar plays an important role as the base for East Asian lunar New Year celebrations.

Facts about Lunar New Year 2: the beginning of lunisolar calendar

The beginning of lunisolar calendar is in the end of January or early February according to the traditional Chinese.

Facts about Lunar New Year

Facts about Lunar New Year

Facts about Lunar New Year 3: the East Asian calendar

The East Asian calendar like Vietnamese New Year, Tibetan New Year, Mongolian New Year, Chinese New Year, Vietnamese New Year, and Korean New Year are some lunar calendars affected by the traditional lunar calendar.

Facts about Lunar New Year 4: Chinese New Year

The famous event marked by Lunar New Year is Chinese New Year. It is also known as Spring Festival in China.

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Facts about Lunar New Year 5: the celebration

The celebration of Chinese New Year is cheerful and joyous. The fifteenth day will be marked by Lantern Festival. The celebration actually takes place since the first day from the evening.

Lunar New Year Facts

Lunar New Year Facts

Facts about Lunar New Year 6: the first Chinese New Year

The first day of Chinese New Year takes place between January 21st and February 20th.

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Facts about Lunar New Year 7: the Chinese New Year in 2017

On 28 January 2017, the Chinese celebrated their lunar New Year. It marked the beginning of Rooster year.

Facts about Lunar New Year 8: Nian Ye Fan

Nian Ye Fan is a Chinese term to call a reunion dinner conducted by the family members. They will gather to have dinner with family during the New Year’s Eve. It will be held in the house of a senior member of the family.

Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year

Facts about Lunar New Year 9: the notable dishes

The notable dishes during the New Year’s Eve included fish, chicken, and pork.

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Facts about Lunar New Year 10: the specialty meats

The specialty meat and seafood are often served during the reunion dinners. They include abalone, lobster, and duck meat.

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