10 Facts about Lurlene McDaniel

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The following Facts about Lurlene McDaniel will discuss the life of American author. She was born in 1944 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She has written at least 70 young adult books. Now she settles in Tennessee. Talking about her education, she was educated at University of South Florida. Get more interesting facts about Lurlene McDaniel below:

Facts about Lurlene McDaniel 1: the topic of her books

Most of her books narrate the story of young adults who have to deal with chronic diseases.

Facts about Lurlene McDaniel 2: the characters

The characters in the book are depicted to struggle against their diseases such as organ failure, diabetes and cancer.

Facts about Lurlene McDaniel

Facts about Lurlene McDaniel

Facts about Lurlene McDaniel 3: the personal life

Lurlene’s son was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes when he was three. Writing the story about the struggling young adults against the disease helped her to deal with the trauma.

Facts about Lurlene McDaniel 4:  the beginning of career

McDaniel began her career as an author since 1985 until this present day. Her occupation is as a novelist.

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Facts about Lurlene McDaniel 5: the subjects of her books

The subjects in her books are centered on medical drama, romance and death.

A Horse For Mandy

A Horse For Mandy

Facts about Lurlene McDaniel 6: researches

It is important for McDaniel to make thorough researches before writing a book. She will conduct interviews with the health professionals to make sure that her novel is medically accurate. She also tries to incorporate the human element in her books by studying the Bible. The coldness of modern technologies often ignored the ethics and values.

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Facts about Lurlene McDaniel 7: other works

McDaniel is not only a novelist. She also writes for marketing campaigns, television, radio and magazine column. You can also see her in a number of conventions and schools as a guest speaker.

Facts about Lurlene McDaniel 8: A Horse for Mandy

In August 2004, A Horse for Mandy was published in the market. McDaniel tries to explore the danger of smoking tobacco in this novel though it also narrates the search of the suitable horse for Mandy. The book contains 575 pages. The main characters in the novel include Mandy Underwood, Lydia Harrington and Ted Wirth.

Lurlene McDaniel Work

Lurlene McDaniel Work

Facts about Lurlene McDaniel 9: Till Death Do Us Part

In July 1997, Till Death Do Us Part was published. This novel narrates the story of two young adults who fall in love. They have to deal with serious medical conditions.

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Facts about Lurlene McDaniel 10: For Better, For Worse, Forever

For Better, For Worse, Forever is the sequel of Till Death Do Us Part. It was published in 1997.

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